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Thread: Dungeon event server 118

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    Dungeon event server 118


    Having issues to start working my dungeon event. It's not working in alliance. When you do it individually you can play it. Another dissapointing event....gaea get it running as a alliance!!!
    Balou server 118

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    Same old Gaea

    Same for 125 done my explores and hit merling with 50 spare token obviously another spenders event and a bit of luck well fk you Gaea yur killing koc for most

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    Where are these stupid keys to reset the dungeon

    I explored... hit campaign... even played merlin madness... Not even a clue to get them! HOW CAN U RESET WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO GET A DARN KEY???

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    Gaea missed a great oppurtunity

    This woulda been a great opportunity for Gaea to make some money. They could've sold the keys everyone needed to get in the dungeon and made some money,what a concept.......this game is getting so ridiculous lately it isn't even funny. You start all these events and have no idea what you're doing or even how to answer the questions people ask. You need to improve your info system and relay system between your development and your implementation team.... Rho

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    you tell them fellas... pathetic

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    Quote Originally Posted by OpnEyE View Post
    I explored... hit campaign... even played merlin madness... Not even a clue to get them! HOW CAN U RESET WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO GET A DARN KEY???
    The funny thing is that they keys were available about a year ago in a chest.
    And could never be used till now.
    You really needed to plan ahead for this one. Lol

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    They just make things up as they go. When asking why our alliance was awarded 2nd place prizes when we tied, this is the response I received:

    Hi Winn,

    Our developers told us that the reason why you were placed 2nd on the tourney is because of the tenurity between your alliance and the other alliance.



    The guy who ?won? first is an alt in an alliance of alts. Nice...

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    Asylum was beaten by a single, non-alt player, because I beat all levels with less hits then you. It's really quite simple.

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    Way off and not that simple

    It had nothing to do with how many members hit or how many hits it took, the score was the same. What Gaea said in their response to a ticket was ?tenurity? was the tie-breaker. The tie-breaker went to the alliance who?s been on the server longer.

    My point was no tie-breakers were listed. Unlike PvPs or seasons where they sometimes state what the tie-breaker is, the dungeon did not. It would be nice for them to not half-*** stuff and put this info out before events. Nice assumption though...

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    Agreed, it is unclear.

    Item #2 of latest email implies the less hits the better, based on the statement "your alliance's performance is better" and it is in a paragraph relating to the number of chances to attack.

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