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Thread: Account Banned!! Error

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    Account Banned!! Error

    How does an account get banned? This is completely in error. I havent done anything wrong.

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    Got banned too

    Just got banned today while playing city event formos jo reason.
    Italija unclear where and how to contact support.

    Smarkiausias Arthur 21

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    Also banned

    Just playing along, when "Your account has been banned for violations of the Terms of Services. Please contact Player Support if you believe this is an error." popped up.

    By the way: what is Player Support"?

    User: zpleja

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    Question wth

    Also banned for now reason.
    1 minut exloring a nightmare city then suddenly banned

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    Same problem

    Fix it plz
    Bedivere 93

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    Angry Baned

    I was exploring in city event and pops up a message that i was banned!!! I haven't done anything!! What happened???

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    Also got banned

    I also got the same message while spending gems trying to climb trinity rankings. It banned me with 2 minutes to go. And I am also having difficulty finding player support

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    got banned

    Account Banned!! Error
    How does an account get banned? This is completely in error. I haven't done anything wrong.
    My Account: Dragonsink
    Server: 47

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    i see you guys have same problem , may be because we made a complain for the Christmas event witch i have made because i havent got the last cards after using more then 1000 gems for the 7 star card , or this its a joke ,no matter this its not funny , in special after some of us punting a lot of money , in the game

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    I got banned twice for refreshing in trinity and once for opening a chest. Gaea ToS must be long if it includes getting banned for opening a chest.
    *RS* Sir Darch
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    Guinevere 15

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