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Thread: Newly assigned forum MODERATOR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Worldwide View Post
    I've thought of that too, but hey, who knows right? Maybe the game could still get up.. the game doesn't have any good rival yet in the playstore other than Vainglory, even the new Moba called "Mobile legend" is not even a bit as good, other MOBA's can't be compared to AoA imo, if the staffs are doing something to revive the forum then probably they're working on something that could bring the AoA back to life again, for as long as there are no certain ending for the game i'd continue my support, i love the game.. this is the least i could do.

    I think they're currently working on a new update that would bring the latest hero in, let's just hope that they fix the problems together with it. Let's try to think positive about this, for as long as nothing is certain, any work and any effort i give out here is worth it.
    Exactly what i think.. I've been playing ace of arena for years and i can say that too, no mobile moba game ever made can be compared to aoa as of now, so i really want the game to rise again, I hate to say it but for some reason i cant play anymore now though, i have good internet connections [i know because i play many other online games too] but i cant play ace of arena anymore because of bad ping, no matter how good my internet speed is i always get 250+ [red ping] ingame now days [asia server], i'd also be really happy if anyone have any idea about it.

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