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Thread: ★★★New PVP event - Champion of 2016!!★★★

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    Another ripoff event

    Gaea still not listening to their customer I see ******s

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    Fook pvp

    Are you guys for real do you not realize we just came off s8 halloween and thancjs giving events now we havent even had one comp to use our new gear on and three weeks b4 Christmas you idiots are putting on a pvp no one has time for that sh?t at the best of times let alone at Christmas
    Quote Originally Posted by VicenteGaea View Post
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    A new PVP server. This year?s ultimate battle between elite players.

    12/04/2016 08:00 UTC => 12/19/2016 18:00 UTC

    Prepare yourself....for the CHAMPION OF 2016.

    Can you fight your way to the top? Will you battle alone or with the help of an alliance? Among thousands of fighting Knights, who will you choose as your companions?
    Choose wisely, for the rewards are supreme!

    CHAMPION OF 2016: IMPORTANT! Home Worlds

    Before starting anew in the CHAMPION OF 2016 server, please first log into the account where you want your rewards to be sent. CHAMPION OF 2016 can then be found in the "English" server tab.


    I am from world 131. I want my rewards to be sent to world 131. I must first make sure I am playing on 131 before I create an account on CHAMPION OF 2016.
    My rewards are then sent to world 131 at the end of the event (within 72 hours of the realm closing).

    (Please note that we're UNABLE to modify home worlds / send prizes elsewhere if these instructions are not followed.)

    Fight for glory, pride and honor!


    FEATURES:[*] INSANE rewards: NEW GEAR, plus tonnes of in-game content and Gems!
    [*] Exclusive reward for the Top player: A brand new Knight named after you!
    [*] INTERNATIONAL SERVER: The server will be serviced in English
    [*] HARDCORE PvP: NO Hide troops, Desertion ON
    [*] EXTREME MODE - MAX Knight level 285
    [*] Limited shop, no troop sales. The shop will contain Merlin?s Token and Seal of Valor Packs.
    [*] No mercenary troops.
    [*] Surprises: Sometimes the rewards of events can be doubled or even more! And some of the events will appear in blind type!
    [*] A super Merlin?s Game will be running providing items from a wide selection to help you develop your Kingdom!
    [*] City Deeds can be purchased BUT will also be sent out for FREE as the server progresses.
    [*] Key items (e.g. Gear, Ring, Jewel) available in offers will also become available in the Round Tower as the server progresses. But of course, the sooner you get them, the more advantage you have!
    [*] City construction times have all been reduced massively!
    [*] Players qualifying for the event will receive their reward(s) on their main server after the server closes. Your MAIN server will be chosen as the one you enter CHAMPION OF 2016 from. Please ensure to join CHAMPION OF 2016 ONLY from your main server.
    [*] Realm opens its gates on December 4th @ 08:00 UTC

    Note 1: This realm has a level requirement - you must be above level 30 to enter.
    Note 2: There will be some Break Times during the event. See event schedule for details:

    Attachment 4360
    Attachment 4361
    *Please note that some improvements might be made regarding final prizes.

    Only one question remains....will you become the CHAMPION OF 2016?

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    Angry Mejoren esos premios

    Muy malos esos premios por tanto tiempo ????... Deben ser mas coherentes con la inversi?n de tiempo de las personas... muy malo ??

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    much agreed

    Quote Originally Posted by Melmi View Post
    Two weeks is too long gaea. One week is more than enough
    some us do have lives.. pvp should not be 2 weeks long

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    Come si fanno a vedere armature? E quanti token per ogni armatura?
    Troppi tornei per tutto il periodo pvp .. ? troppo stressante per il periodo di natale

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    Boycott PvP server

    Gaea got scammed by kabam on profit margin and are clearly trying to milk us for every last cent. Don't even log onto the server. You'll compete with gem farmers and employees, stop the madness.

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    Доспехи pvp

    А какие доспехи будут???? Какие у них статы??? ? Очень интересно.

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    Red face Too much, too soon.

    Thanks for giving us a few days warning, that's a small step in the right direction, even though it seems 'certain avenues' had even earlier notice yet again. Judging from the feedback above I'm not alone in believing the timing of this PvP event to be utterly ludicrous. Having just put your customers through three almost back to back events where there was zero chance of winning the 'game changing' gear without spending substantial amounts of cash and/or cheating, you stage yet another two events designed for no other reason than to extract more cash out of the ever dwindling pool of gormless fools that can't seem to understand that this game is in its death throes.

    Having said that, I do normally enjoy a PvP as a welcome break from the daily drudgery that KoC has become but the timing of this one means I won't be competing and certainly will not be spending. Guessing the aforementioned gormless fools will take this one again. Congratulations in advance.

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    PVP too long

    Reduce it too maybe 10 days it's to much and new gear hopefull NOT attack or defense just got crux attack gear and s8 defense gear.

    Make gear for GW higher troop loads and mixed gear for hybrids still awful timing.

    Please show us new gear and what are the Xmas event prizes

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    Having a pvp around the holiday season is dumb and wasteful!! Instead telling us to take a break, there a lot of us players still trying to get gear and hammers and we can't do nothing on this crappy game.

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