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Thread: Fashion Contest Voting Period 11/22/2016 - 11/24/2016

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    goodluck to the rest of u guys in the voting period ^_^
    - MightyLuix s80

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    Good Luck All

    Vote: DeChurch S85
    Player: Zuul S82

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    My vote

    Vote: DaChurch s85
    Voteralusion s85(mis spell in my name pls change the e to an a)

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    are u guys only picking certain amount of participants?? cuz i did but cant vote cuz im not in the list

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    Vote: Aitheria S71
    I'm Al?Capwn from S72
    Al Capwn - S72

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaChurch View Post
    I did go and look and you both are correct I will message mufasa to see if it was a selected vote or if all participants vote. I believe it is the latter.
    Thank you DaChurch for taking the time to look into this as well as letting us know.


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    I vote for Neurotika s83

    kaige s83

    Quote Originally Posted by Mufasa View Post
    Hello Community!

    I would first like to say thank you to all the players who participated in this wonderful forum contest. The next stage of the forum contest is the voting period which will last from 11/22/2016 0:00 EST to 11/24/2016 23:59 EST. Only those who participated, but did not place in the top 16 can cast a vote for who they think is the best. ONLY THOSE WILL BE COUNTED!

    The Top 16:

    ~Aitheria s71
    ~Anjayla s74
    ~Annie s79
    ~ChibiHydra s59
    ~DaChurch s85
    ~DuffyPie s51
    ~Ellipsis s76
    ~Emberly s45
    ~Freya s28
    ~Kaye s78
    ~Lagertha s69
    ~MightyLuix s80
    ~Mysterica s48
    ~Neurotika s83
    ~Sheril s55
    ~Westyn s15

    These players may not cast a vote.

    The Participating Heroes:

    ~Akame s78
    ~Al Capwn s72
    ~Aquanaking s78
    ~Ar00w s85
    ~Archerlord s45
    ~Arvulous s6
    ~Assassinos s71
    ~B1GBOSS s85
    ~Bashful s83
    ~Bullseye1 s29
    ~CaptDouce s85
    ~CheesyNip s86
    ~CHUK s71
    ~Cimbrus s50
    ~Delusion s85
    ~Desper s57
    ~Dlayn s77
    ~Doug s78
    ~DuGuQiuBai s85
    ~Figoment s86
    ~FuRyKiKAsS s85
    ~GniA s74
    ~Horus s59
    ~Humanisse s74
    ~Hypnos s72
    ~Iiibabyiii s71
    ~Ika13 s38
    ~Ilidril s83
    ~Infinite s81
    ~JackSparro s85
    ~James009 s79
    ~Jeannie s86
    ~Jhonny09 s81
    ~JONATH s50
    ~JRFOGACA s29
    ~Kaige s83
    ~Kcram s73
    ~Kere s7
    ~LadyJ s82
    ~Lethal s82
    ~Masashi s67
    ~MimiC s83
    ~Mmxizero s56
    ~MOUGH s36
    ~Mrs Fox s78
    ~Myxazzz s75
    ~Neca s74
    ~Oneheart s85
    ~Rainbow s80
    ~ReboL s42
    ~Ripplez s66
    ~Rosee s86
    ~Sherek s86
    ~Sn00b s85
    ~Soleiyus s19
    ~Stevo s77
    ~Thaioanh s24
    ~TheAfrican s85
    ~Tinkerweel s80
    ~Valeria s71
    ~Vetis s82
    ~VyRoXx s52
    ~Willino s37
    ~Wolfs s85
    ~xElainax s45
    ~XRay s74
    ~xXpetrukXx s47
    ~Zeronimus s85
    ~Zuul s82

    These players may cast a vote.

    You may cast your votes in this thread. There is only one vote per person, please choose who you think deserves first place!

    Example of a vote:
    Vote: Mandy s999
    Player: Mufasa s70

    The original contest link is here. You can find all the posts throughout the 11 pages.

    ~Mufasa and The Wartune Team
    kaige s83

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    my post by thebigba for bavirayna s84, was on page 5. i had to edit it but it still should have atleast been in participation. so obviously nothing legit here. most of these people dont even have a clue as to what a slogan even is.

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    Vote: emberly S45

    Player: Archerlord S45

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    Vote: Lagertha s69
    Player: Neca s74

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