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Thread: Moderators Needed[Updated 2/10/2017]

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    Moderators Needed[Updated 2/10/2017]

    Dear Players,

    We are looking for mods to help with our forum. If you are a passionate gamer with good knowledge of the game. Also are familiar with forums then reply to this post to apply. In the post let us know why we should pick you!

    Note: We have reopened this thread let us know if you are interested!
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    First person in NA to reach 32k credits. Enough said.

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    I would like to apply

    Hi GAEA, im a passionate gamer who spent most of my free time playing games. So far i find AoA one of the best mobile moba game right now.i would like to be a moderator.

    Why should i be a moderator?
    Its because i want to help new players and guide them how to play the game properly. I will guide new players by saying how to make a combo out of this champion and how to do a proper build with them. I might not be the best AoA player out there but i am pretty skilled. Not too good but not too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inFAMOUS View Post
    First person in NA to reach 32k credits. Enough said.
    Lol, NA is too ez

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    I have only one reason, i play your game almost 8 hours all days :v

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    Notice me

    First of all "sorry for my bad grammar"!
    I've played this game almost 4 months and 12 hours a day. I want to be a moderator cause i have alot of feautures and some advice tobe the game makes better. Not sayin the AOA is bad i just want to help players to feel them that this game is better than the other.

    I previously played Dota2, LoL and some Rpg's before. Spending time with games and pretending im techi. But still I can't speak english properly. :v

    (Apac player)

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    Hello gaea,

    I would like to be a forum moderator, i've been playing the game for more or less 2 years now, i've been a constant supporter of the game, i've already learned everything there is to know about the game, the mechanics, its system and even the people who runs it, i also constantly sends e-mails to the game for BUG reports and stuff, due to the fact that i have lots and lots of free time and also to the efforts i've shown to help players in numerous times and to my knowledge about the game and it's forums i think i have enough capability to be a moderator. That's all, thank you.

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    Why i should be mod

    I am a very passionate gamer of AoA when alot of ios players as my self couldnt play for a couple of months and now. Still cant play, i wanted to help ios players and my self to be able to play. I give players tips on how to use certain players. Alot of people know me on the game and enjoy my tips on how to use that charater they want to use. And i feel as if i am a mod i will be helping alot of people that need the help to play, fight, what ever they need help with. And plus i have alot of free time to help.That is why i should be mod.

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    Karena hidup saya untuk game ini.

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    Eu server is dead

    Man , EU SERVER IS DEAD from 2 days . But who cares no one say nothing (from staff) , no game , no room , no plays. What the **** is happen nobody do nothing . That is I think , AoA is dead ... And that was the end ?!

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