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Thread: Moderators Needed[Updated 2/10/2017]

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    Moderator applicants

    Hi, I am Ruke from Asia Pacific Server. I have been playing this game for a while. I am in GMT9:00 time zone and can frequently login. I would like to know how many administrators are there out in AoA forum right now and what is the conditions of being AoA forum moderator, before I would apply. I looked up gaea website and you guys only hire employee in Anglosphere. Personally what I think is that we need more players and to increase in numbers of them, we need to advertise the game more. There is a lot of ways to advertise game without consuming expense so much. Go to next page.
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    Moderator applicants 2

    Due to the words limit, I'll go to next page. By being administrators, I can talk with customers in the forum. I was being invited as moderator in different game but haven't been any one. The reason why I chose AceofArenas is AceofArenas require moderator dilectly and this game is ongoing for a while. About ingame status I used to be in number one clan in Asia Pacific Server and acquainted with bugs currently going on in the game. There are the complains which is due to their desires of ingame rewards, or to those players lack of skills. However I can see them and collect necessary feedback of games to fix or improve.

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    I want join.

    I want join. I think i play AoA A long time and verry like it . Because game so good. Haha . I have helped some new members on my facebook group. I hope I can continue to play the best mobile game on mobile.

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    Karena hidup saya untuk game ini.

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    Would like to help...

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    What happened?? please reply me i beg.

    I played Aoa before.. it has been almost a year since the last ive played ..
    ive played aoa since 2014-2015?? im not sure... but it was a very good game.. we had a clan.. from Malaysia.. i spent money on the game.. n a lot more.. i had a really good chat with one of the moderators before named Alice whatta good people u have there .. they all treat me well.. no problem with the game n the response team whatsoever.. but what happened?? the game's like dead .. all my friends i mean ALL of Aoa even my ex-gf who i taught to play for a year .. my friends that i invited, we created 8-9 clans from malaysia all active player spent 4-5 hours a day on the game.. but then all gone.. because the game is dead.. ..Please developer.. PLEASE .. MR.DEVELOPER.. i love this game so much its like its part of myself.. my Xelkus, my Vyaaen... all died .. about two weeks ago.. i tried installing n played 1 game.. i forgot everything about the game.. n yes i swear i cried.. not that bad ..just that i felt really sad that the first game that i spent money on n committed my life on is dead.. its empty.. so sad about it.. missed all my champion i used to be so proud of.. (Youtube Von Ray D Cruze )
    xelkus and Vyaeen gameplay .. please anyone help bring this game back on

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    im the one

    holy sh... im the one u r looking 4 u need me finally i can be moderator please pick me i want to be moderator i am what u where looking 4 pick me pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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