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Thread: Say NO to this "event"!

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    Say NO to this "event"!

    Hello communiy,

    Time to get active. Please comment this thread with NO if you are with me and don't want more of this kind of "paying events".
    @Gaea: this is just sad. Wasting time in trying to squeeze out more money from our pockets instead of doing something nice for the community to Halloween!

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    Gaea are stupid

    Dude they do nothing for us...

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    Arthur -1


    One big NO
    No fun
    No money
    No nothin
    Infamous Qba
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    Absolutely insane

    Sorry gaea!! are yuou serious?? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Thi Halloween minigame it's a f*****ng s**t!!! You don t keep Barbablue!! you dont keep the card in the descritpion!! you kep one of the 7* card CASUALLY!!! And the cost?? 60 gems and 30 for refresh? and you refresh and if you are lucky the first is a 7* otherwise you spent gem for nothing!! why this absolutely insame minigame for HALLOWEEN!!! bleah. It's a big mistake gaea.!!! Big wrong! You lost my fedelity! and lost a fedelity of more more people in HOC! Goodbye

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    Of course no! F**k U Gaea!!!1d534cc87b13f42702a36ca14966a320.jpg :hűv?s:

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    hellll nooooo

    A big **** you Gaea keep ya bull**** event ill keep my money thanks

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    Good idea

    I join you Donald wait.......

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    NO, this is not an "event"!

    Gaea, this Halloween "event" you have so graciously given to us is insulting. This is not an "event", just another tactic on your part to generate money. This is sorry. Start doing things for your players and they'll reward you. More "events" given to us like this and you're going to lose even more players than you have already.

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