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Thread: New contests/events

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    New contests/events

    Season 8 event done. We need new contests. 2 suggestions:

    Find pumkins in Pict villages. Randomly pumkins (in other seasons it could be Easter Eggs, X-mas gifts etc.) in Pict villages, across level of villages. Makes map more relevant for skilled players, and gives new players a chance to have succes. Pumkins might deplete, and we have to wait for map to reset, and new pumkins can be found.

    Find Campaign tokens, and exchange for gear, buffs etc.

    Tokens for every level/shield in Campaign. Should be random, but with same drop frequency.
    Eg. Level 1/Green Shield, tokens can be exhanged for gear, buffs etc. RELEVANT for player level.
    New players will harvest low levels, and have useable rewards. Skilled players, will chose higher level/Shield, and get gear, buffs According to their level.

    Campaign is good fun, so I think it should be used for more ...

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