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Thread: Hot event Items and Event suggestions

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    Exclamation Hot event Items and Event suggestions

    Hello Community

    As you may have recognized the rewards given out in the daily hot events have been improved and still will be!

    We would like to hear your feedback about this and what kind of items you would like to see there!!!

    Also if you have suggestions / ideas for new events please post them as well!!


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    Things are getting better, I agree in that but there are still more things that need to be fixed.
    - fate stones were taken away from the Astral madness event, the 60-90 per week that event gives is insane compared to the wheel.

    - Events need to be more diverse, they offer the same rewards at the same time each week, they should change it up.

    - something I'd like to see more is mount whips, I think they should become more available, it takes 10s of thousands of whips to max, and we rarely see them in events. I know Russian wartune has events where you get almost enough whips to max to the next stable level, based on your current stable level, that would be nice.

    - I like how dark/light essences are being introduced into the game gradually, but the amount is way too low. It would be nice to be able to have a usable amount. On pc, a light sylph seal is usually available for 200 of the monthly items.

    -something I absolutely hate is how new items are only introduced through the hot events, and we have no way to obtain them normally (e.i. mount hooves, truncheons, purgatory keys, holy forge materials)

    I know I may come off as harsh, but the events are improving, and I'm overall happy about that.
    s32, member of Hellfire, Hero's assembly Representative

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    I'd like to see our daily check in rewards upgraded as well as VIP shop and heaven horns

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    the game changed so much, i feel like the 80 level players are the only one who benefits in the game.we should have events like pc version events. when u can choose between A B C items on a hot event. based on what u need or ur level,this way nobody will comment anymore, we should have gem whips spelcrum unlimited events with better rewards ,at least for gems to get back the same level gem.once a month so a player can gather more things or buy them .u guys removed whips from gems event and put those shards. thats good for someone who want to make gear fast,but for campers is not. they want whips spelcrum mahra, .With the new sylphs in the game we should have more mahra and spelcrum rewards and the price for them to be cheaper. where is the online event? those were great events and only for the players who are playing hours and hours.why u erased that event? we should have an unlimited time login event to get some prizes for every day u login on the game to make people play everyday. We have too few events or features in the game, u can make all mpd spire events in 2 hours then u get bored and stay all day waiting for a wb or a sb. Why sylph equipment why crest and halidom and why not some features like jewel hunt or fishing,give the players some fun in the game.where are the cloths in the monthly event .we should have a different set of cloth every month in that event.

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    new event

    Eternal hearts to any from married chest
    Roses hazel hearts to any from married chest
    Insignia to empire truncheon
    Bounty quest scroll to boock of exp
    Shadow cristal to boock of exp
    Fashion core to any fashion cloathing set(25/25/25:1)
    Little rune stones to any rune(guardian, chaos rune...etc)+back exchange bruality heal and blood rune to little rune stones 1:25 (its back interest to tank trials)
    Legstone to refine cristal(1 stone to 1 refine)
    Mount spirit to old mount (+10,+20...+30)
    Soul cristal to mount whips (20:1)

    Advensed reward for:
    Comlite any lvl in necropolis, catscombs, purgatory maze, sky trials, mpd, dragon invasion and spire. (2x,3x reward)
    Stable lvl(2lvl-250 whips, 3-700, 4- 1500, 5 -3000,6-3900,7-5900,8-8000,9-12000,10-15000 + anything more ... etc)
    Online time

    Special chest with prezent for VIP4,6,9 (can buy for bount balens)

    Have 1,2,3, green, blue, purpule, orange, red sylph

    So... Will be greit to add monthe NAME, ore week name... Weekend of BLOODFANG!!! have 1,2,3,4,5% damg in wb and get 2x,3x,4x.. gold ore daru... Crazy sky trials (kill any boss and grab reward again)... Empire week (in solo campain, mpd, catscombs, necropolis, maze add empire chest(random value special event item (hero medal is good too) and change this item to: mount, whips, mahra, sepulcrums, gems, hoofs...etc))

    Wanna see magic pot hammers in game again.

    Vip shop with awesome prise (possible to buy any for bount balens)

    Add pls more hero medal in event... 1 medal in event is not good.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    You artazel (80lvl 285k)
    Last edited by artazel_S29; 10-19-2016 at 06:33 PM. Reason: add hero medal vs special event item.

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    I really like the events, but there should be more exchange events. There's a lot of stuff we don't use anymore that's just taking space. As for the post above. I have been suggesting a rune extravganza event for God knows how long. But still no win.

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    would love to see syl arena as part of a daily event points spread out gens and whip events cant save if every weenkend we have an event
    ⚀ bashfuL ⚀

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    A divinity shard to divinity stone exchange would be desireable. Also, please offer advance sepulcrum as a reward for the advance sepulcrum events rather than the standard mahra.

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    We little people still need standard mahra , btw love your clothing.

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    Some of the suggestions may be repeated but here are some:

    - Since we have team pvp and solo pvp events, a sylph arena event would fit, imo. As for rewards can also suggest future sylph equip shards, gold, seps.
    - Any way we can have a daru exchange or event where we can exchange daru for items, like a limited time shop? Most players have max daru and nothing to do with it;
    - For those that already have 3rd tier sylph, maybe a mahra/sep exchange for adv mahra/sep;
    - Please bring back fate stone exchange;
    - Where did the online events went to? Remain online for 1h/2h.
    - Resistance cristals synth;

    As for changes (I know it's not what is asked, but will post it anyways), I think weekly vip rewards could be improved as well as wishing wall.

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