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Thread: Guild War ALL SERVERS! Feedback!

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    Yeap I agree. Wars need to be fix/update to old version and it has to be done asap.

    I again ask Gaea to improve arenas ! HoC always has been about daily clickin. Current arenas are just not worth it.
    Guys listen to voice of the crowd !
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    Almost forget to pay hoc, 9+ day off and there is event.
    Bad feeling about current guild wars, and almost no active player in guild.

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    guild leader can not arrange buildings lay out. previously possible.
    guild leader not possible to set up position of player in the buildings.
    where is building upgrade?

    overall, this guild wars getting worst. 1st guild war is excelente.

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    Guild war

    I can't believe how complicated it is to even get into the guild war. Obviously it looks like I missed the time to sign up and now my guild can't take part. I can't believe Gaea made it so difficult. I have a life outside of this game! Make thins less complicated!

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    I am in Pellinore-59.
    I like the old guild war muuuch better than the new one.
    Please gaea, instead of developing a new guild war, why did you not just fix the bugs of the old guild war?
    This new guild war is really lack of cooperation and tactical aspects of the old one
    Please just bring back the old one, but with bugs fixed.
    If it is not possible to fix the bugs in the old one, perhaps you should consider developing a guild war similar to the old one for the next season.

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    Change in guild war format

    Why the hell did you change guild wars from a strategic war game where tactics had to be employed for you to have any chance of progression into a glorified new quest mode.

    The old format was great it brought the entire guild together at the same time and had us all thinking of the best strategies making guild interaction a must.

    Why try to develop an entirely new format instead of giving players what they wanted in having the guild wars of old back just sort any bugs out, plus only having 1 war a week isn't fair on players as not all players are going to be able to make it for that 1 everyweek.

    Please sort the bugs and bring back the guild wars of a year ago

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    Some suggestions

    Hey Gaea, Instead of telling you to change back to what was I'm gonna offer some suggestions for what might make your current set up better. First of all I think the GW's once a week is to infrequent. I think twice a week minimum. I think you could easily do time select in one day, defense set-up in one day, then battle on the third day. One day break and repeat. Second of all, What's the point of a guild war with the entire guild doesn't benefit from the success? The total points of your guild should be given out as rewards to all players. That means the more players that show up to fight means the more rewards for everyone. I do think that there could be more to guild wars but as a foundation I think it was enjoyable. Please continue to build up, don't settle on this. This were the two big things that I think could be improved on.

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    Guild Wars

    This was okay, but why only 30 minutes? And twice a week, or even once a day would be better for such a short game. There's no guild wide reward, and that's not cool.

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    30 minutes is to short.
    Not all players are in the same time zone causing a lot of players wont be able to join.

    Event time should be extented to be a 24 hour period.

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    In my opinion new guild wars are Joke. But ok, im f2p and perhaps for p2p it will be ok.

    (waited so long for this to find this crap, i cant believe it :-D. But ok, we will see).

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