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Dear Gaea team,

you asked us to provide feedback to the guild wars (gw). You can find mine below. I am playing on the german server Ector16, Guild: SelEctor, Player name: SelEctor *GSpot*, Status: Guild leader

1. It's not possible for the guild leader to move members into buildings I want to have them or to take a look at the decks with which my members entered the battlefield.

2. There are only 30 deff slots, but my guild consists of 48 active members.

After doing our first guild war yesterday evening we found out that

3. It is not possible to upgrade the buildings in order to improve stats / quantity of deffers, building hp or similar. That's not good and should be implemented as it was in former guild wars.

4. It is possible to attack the castle from the beginning of the gw, means there is no front of the battlefield through which the enemies have to fight in order to be able to attack the castle. That's crap. There shoud be a front as it was in former guild wars.

5. The protection of buildings is more like it is in the quests, means the defenders appear like wandering bosses. That's not good. Defenders should have to be defeated before attacks on the buildings should be able as it was in former guild wars.

6. It is no longer possible to upgrade the characters abilities. Contrary to that, you still provide "class token" at the guild presents. That's absolutely crap. Please reinstall the character upgrades.

The actual so called "guild wars" is more like the former castle siege. You really do not have to act like a guild. The only advantage playing as a guild is that you are able to win the gw to get a bonus of 10% to the reward, nothing else. There is no huge benefit to be in a large and active guild. From my point of view the system of guild wars of kabam was better developed and your own system of guild wars is a huge step backwards. If you wait too long with improvements / alignments I am worried about the fact that many active players will quit the game. To be honest, guild wars is THE event everybody was looking for and now most of my members are very disappointed after doing the first gw. The meaning of guild war is really missed...

Good luck to the developers..

Great feedback, Ector! I totally agree with you: old Wars were a lot funnier, but they were also full of bugs, and I think this new type of Wars have been constructed just to lighten up the traffic data on servers, but this ways Wars are too simple and lack of strategy and coordination. Every players just enter in a Village, Tower of Guard or Castle to defend, and do the same to explore Enemy base till he finds some adversaries and a battle starts. Where is strategy and coordination at Guild level? How can even you call Guild war?