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Thread: Server merge

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    Unhappy Server Merge

    I'm Gowendolyn from S66/69, our server is dieing one, we lost soo many goods players, cashing players we love this game but... We need merge today... Before Tomorrow..

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    Server 79

    We would like a merge too

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    Merge s69 please

    I am also from server 69 please merge our server ASAP we all want to continue playing but only server merge is giving us chance to do so otherwise game is not interesting anymore Please help us have fun again :-(

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    It is obvious to me by the amount of responses that there's a definite problem with our server and we need to have a merge. It seems as well the other servers are in desperate need of merges. If there are other servers that need a merge as well why is it so difficult to get one? Is our server being singled out and punished because of the will of some that did not want a merge six months ago? If that is the case it seems rather unfair as most of the players who voted for not wanting a merge the last time aren't even playing anymore. Please rethink your position and allow us to continue to enjoy playing, making new friends and spending money.
    Thank you for your time.

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    in the name of

    ladyblack again from server 66/69. As head from the guild DieIrren one of my members asked me to reply in her name.

    So in the name of Hexenbiest. We seriously need a server merger before the last active player also quit and Server and game will die at least. Replys to this thread also give a clue our server is not the only one with this problem, so plz take care gaea and give us the needed merge

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    Server merge

    I'm from s66/69, and i agree with what said till now. I love this game, but it is getting harder and harder, we need a merge please

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    A nice mob you have there.

    Yeah, it will take more than a few organized people to make 'em do a merge. I think that rhe general problem of the game is that it is doomed from the start even on PC. The reasons for that are following:
    1. Free to play, but too much pay to win in the end-game stage. The problem here is not that you can get an edge by donating, I'm fine with that, but te fact that there is no power limit one can hit. Meaning that as long as you have money in your pocket, you can keep getting stronger and stronger... to infinity and beyond. This makes the end-game content unenjoyable. Sole example for this is Felice (just an example, not calling anyone out) the strongest player who has something like ~720k rating while the closest in power, astar, has 610k rating A whooping 110k rating more, double the amount I have right now lol. Id there was a power limit that everyone could achieve, this game would be more skill based and less stronger-weaker relation.
    2. An average rushing party (4 people) can't do Heroic MPD (not even normal modes starting from Moonevil Den).It will take some time before 4 people could pass them, usually by outleveling the dungeon or relying on free gear events. That is just pure bs. I'm not even going to mention how long it takes to obtain the gear. And getting it is just starters the we have gems and soul crystals, all connected with each other. Heck even Felice doesn't have their gear maxed out. People just don't have the patience to repeat same actions for months just to "feel" average.
    3. Game market competition. It is obvious that there are much better games out there, and more are coming out every day. Personally, I am playing this gsme out of nostalgia, and community (well majority of it). By "better" games, I mean games that have much better systems to krep their players hooked. The game where skill actually matters, and you can beat a stronger opponent by quick reactions. Here, the only way to beat someone who is stronger is that they disconnect and don't have more than 125% of your BR. Itherwise they will just auto attack you down.
    I've drifted away a little, hope you don't mind. I do support your idea, even though I'm on a yet-to-die server. I'm just a little bit salty and had ti rant out. Good luck with the merge

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    Hi i'm from Server 66/69 and we need a server merge! There are a lot of plays who had quit and now just a few of us are active. We need more players or we will lose more people

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