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Thread: Problems with the Dragon Domination!

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    Problems with the Dragon Domination!

    Hi Dragonlords,
    We apologize for all the issues some of you had with the Dragon Domination.

    Please note that our developers worked hard and that we now found a solution for this problem.
    Therefore, please update the game next week for fixing this problem.

    Also we prepared a giftpackage for you to excuse ourselves for the caused inconvenience.

    You can find it today in your game.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or problems.
    We will be delighted to help you on them.

    With very best Greetings
    YOUR - DOA: Heirs of the Dragon Team


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    Are all issues addressed?

    Can you confirm all issues are fixed, e.g.

    1) Start time? Will it still be in the middle of the US working day for English realms?
    2) Duration? Will it still last for 2 hours, or is the play time going to be reduced to something less time intrusive?
    3) Frequency? Will it still be every 2 weeks or will it be far less frequent I.e every 3 months? Will it also be every day or will each round be more spaced apart?
    4) Red lines? Will they appear without having to exit and rejoin?
    5) March limit? Will alliances with less players get more marches (and troops) to equal the combined limit of the opposing alliance?
    6) Dragon healing? Is this fixed so you don't need to exit and rejoin to heal?

    I'm sure there are more issues experienced by others that led to many of us to stop playing AvA completely.

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    Championship round

    So you announced a championship round and now can't deliver it. What compensation will be given to the top alliances in Ava who fought hard to be first in anticipation of prizes in a championship round. Gaea has screwed them over

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