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Thread: ★Tournament of Valor Ranking★

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    ★Tournament of Valor Ranking★

    Hello Warriors!

    The 13th and 14th Tournaments of Valor are over!! You can find the final ranking below. Congratulations to everyone who took part in it and to those who managed to be in the top 10. The rewards for 1st-10th are [1x Hanzo] , and 11th-30th are [200xHanzo Shard], 31st-60th are [100xHanzo Shard], 61st-100th are [50xHanzo Shard],others in list will get [3xJuly Chest of Chests].

    13&14 排名1.jpg
    13&14 排名2.jpg
    13&14 排名3.jpg
    13&14 排名4.jpg
    13&14 排名5.jpg

    1. Calculation of Points, Single Point=102-Ranking (*as every time the system list 101 players).
    2. Final Points are based on the sum of the points of the last two Seasons.
    3. Ranking list is based on everyone's Final Points.
    4. If two players have the same amount of Final Points, we take into account the higher number of points obtained individually .
    5. If two players have the same amount of Final Points and the same number of points obtained individually, they will have the same final Ranking.

    Keep fighting in the Trinity Tournament for a glorious development!

    HoC Team

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    I am grateful for the award, so I was saddened by the award of this event be inferio to the last event of this kind, where the best placed won 4x the letter of reward, please make a similar award so there are no disproportions

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    No award, just glory
    "Moi, j?ai appris ? lire, et ben je souhaite ?a ? personne !"

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