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Thread: Banning HoC Unauthorized Charged Accounts

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    Banning HoC Unauthorized Charged Accounts

    There has been a series of inappropriate actions related to payment through unauthorized channels and malicious refunds, aimed at exploiting the game's economy and thriving on the chaos caused by such activities. After confirming the case, a decision has been made by our operation team to ban those accounts involved.

    In order to send a stong message to players who exploit systems who use invalid payment channels and hacking programs we have decided to begin to take action against such players. Our goal is for a fair playing field for all of our players.

    For those who use invalid channels and wish to profit from malicious refunds we have decided to take action against the following players. We will continue to monitor all games for such activity and be taking appropriate action. If you are part of this list and feel it has been unjustly you are welcome to contact Customer Service. Finally we would like to thank the millions of players who are honest and do not resort to such actions and urge you not to try to exploit the current system.

    Here's the first list of the banned HOC accounts:
    Слепой (37)
    mission 888 (11)
    Alexei1963 (85)
    《 Alik 》 (61)
    BRUX (38)
    Grind (37)
    Dark Midnight (94)
    Lemi*infidem* (16)
    单纯 (14)
    **Don_Korleon** (49)
    Monterey (38)
    ☆motana☆ (61)
    昇 (11)
    Moon.Nara?Priorado (99)

    Additionally, please know that our operation team is ever dedicated to creating an enjoyable and smooth experience in the game, and we're constantly reaching out to your feedback and working hard to solve any in-game issue. Remember, you can contact us here: Ingame --> Settings --> Help --> Submit a Bug, and we will continue our effort in making Heroes of the Camelot better for all players who have showed their support for the game all along the way.
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