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Thread: World merge

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    World merge

    I have played this game 4-5 years now. I played in 28 before its merge to 124 and played there until Eizenhertz blowed the world. And i play now in 111 Tristan. But now you have to merge worlds again. Otherwis im gonno stop play. Its not fun to be so fue people in a world. So do IT as son as posible pleas. Merge IT with lots of worlds! So we be thousands of active people in same world. Regards// Csix The Legion Army In Tristan111

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    Prooved your point

    Its a cross server problem .
    I don,t think yet another merge is the solution .
    But iT would Be such a bliss when gaea recognized the problem and atleast
    Say something about it.
    I occurs to me like they want to keep the super gemmers and therefor Some alt Killers
    Happy .
    To atleast assure an income for their investment.
    While not realize , just like in the real world , the " small " men keeps the world turning.
    They haven,t dealt with the initial problems yet ? Atleast i don,t see any proove and come up with
    Yet another problem in progress called juggernaut .
    And still people are leaving .
    Just a stable game with normal prices and toms would surfice .
    Greetz minastirith ector 123

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    1yr later merges needed badly

    World merges a desperately-needed the game is severely on life support

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    Yes please merge

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