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Thread: An open letter to Gaea about why I will be deleting Heroes of Camelot.

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    An open letter to Gaea about why I will be deleting Heroes of Camelot.

    Gaea Support Team,

    I am writing you to inform you that I will no longer be playing Heroes of Camelot. I have made this decision on a number of reasons and I hope that my reasons help you to improve the game.

    I have been a dedicated player for a number of years. I began playing in May of 2014 and have continued to play multiple times daily since that day. I have worked incredibly hard at building a deck comparable to the upper level decks. It seems to me, however, that no amount of effort I put into my deck, there will always be a huge gap in my deck as opposed to other players. Maybe it's luck, maybe it?s that they pay a fortune to attain gems, whatever the reason, the gap still exists. So here are some of my issues separated by category.

    Over the last few years, there has been no attention to the leveling system in the game. I have been a level 100 for over two years. I have suggested in the forum to allow for more progression, but it was ignored. I completed the "normal" quests a long time ago, so I was excited to see the Nightmare quests when they came out. I was highly disappointed when there was no boss drops (they now must be purchased), no new raids, and they took a new and much more rare set of potions to complete.

    In terms of gems, I no longer purchase them. I did at one point, racking up a pretty large sum of money in gems that turned out to be useless. I say useless because the chests they went to purchasing contained useless items. You see, when I buy say ten 7* unique chests, I expect at least one of them to contain a 7* card. This is hardly ever the case. Instead, I get one or two potions or a single shard. Another reason is that they are incredibly expensive. I can understand paying 99 cents for 100, or $10 for 1500, but $99 for 7000 is excessive especially when most of the chests contain garbage.

    Summon Stones:
    I have spent literally thousands of Summon Stones during summon storms and during regular play to attempt to acquire competitive cards, though out of every 500summon stones I spend I get between 2 and 3 descent cards. Most of the other cards are 3 or 4* feeder cards. My inventory contains literally thousands of feeder cards that are completely useless to me.

    The arena (Both regular and Tournament of Valor) are broken or rigged, or both. I can get a small bit ahead and then have repeat players that are double my power stop me in my tracks. I can only go so far before destroying my win streak, then it takes forever to complete an arena. It also does not help that the items I am seeking (Vigor and Spirit Potions) are rarely included in them. The tournament of Valor is only win-able if you have spent a crazy amount of money buying your way to the top.

    The guilds system broke when guild wars was introduced. The Guild wars system not only destroyed the game, the established guilds, and sent a large number of quality players to the point of quitting. I stuck through the nightmare and yet I don?t see anything changing since then. I have a guild that I took over that went from being the number one guild on the server to having a handful of active members. It is hard enough to keep active players, but having a closed server ensures that I will not be able to revive my guild. (Bors 66) I also have a ton of items from past guild wars that are clogging my inventory.

    Tower/Guild Wars/Ascension/GK
    I do not play the tower because the length of time to go through the level far exceeds the rewards. Ascension Shards and the ability to awaken a card is a joke. Not only are the shards next to impossible to get (seriously? one shard in a chest, five upon completing a tower level, one or two or maybe even five per 1000 might in an arena?) I don?t have all day to farm them, I do have a life outside of HOC.

    GK has both positive and negative aspects to it. The positive is that it is nice to get rewards weekly for playing (I am lvl VII), however, I have not been able to trade any shields in quite some time. The trade cards that keep rotating have been the same three cards for over six months. Time for some new cards don?t you think? Also, the ?handful of blessings? are far too rare to be effective. I do daily quests, but they seem to be quite difficult to get one that contains blessings and when they do, it is for an arena placement which is very hard for me to achieve. (Much higher HP/ATK players with unbeatable combos as mentioned above)

    City Events
    The final straw though was this last event. Over the last six to nine months we have been able to use reflect combos to take down event bosses. I have not complained when I hit upwards of 800 fights to acquire 8 boss drops so that I can have a fully evolved card that is comparable to use in my deck. It is a choice, and I get that, but only evolving it to a four card is a significant loss in combat power. This past event (Double Trouble with King Pellinore and Iwynas the sage) removed the ability to utilize one potion per fight (>100% reflect per team x 3 teams) and continued to have a second fight with only 1 HP remaining. Not only is this frustrating, it is maddening that I spent two days dealing with this with zero drops from either boss. I wasted hundreds of potions (that I wasted days fighting in arenas to attain) to get nothing in return. This is on top of the fact that there have been multiple events where a reward is djinn lamps that we were supposed to use in the exchange shop yet there has never been a way of doing so.

    All in all, there once was a time that I really enjoyed this game. I am very sorry to see it diminish the way it has. It is just no longer fun for me and I must remind myself that it is simply... just a game. I really hope that you take this feedback and try to apply it to future improvements.

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    Take care and have fun! Goodbye

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    change ur decision!

    i cant understand haw can u leave this incredible game. if u quit this game, there will be never a worthy game to play, this game is way better than others. change ur mind.

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    Bra f-king vo!

    while it is sad but true I believe congratulations are in order, so:

    Congratulations GAEA, to ruin Such A Beautiful Game takes real talent!

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    Now already understand Gaea what is the problem??? Please you think it, dear developer. The problem is serious if you are careless. Thanks!

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    You are so right

    Truth has been spoken and the list of reasons could be faaar longer.

    We should write warnings as ratings under the game, that it is pay to win. It clearly is.

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