Surprised this thread is still getting views! It was a while ago and many updates have happened since and resources are getting easier and easier to get, it's just about using them wisely.

Any questions regarding camping, find my toons here:
(Yes I am a camper across many levels, and also one of the first campers, since s4. I currently base around s80)

Grathicus: Lv63 240k S79
Grathico: Lv39 58k BR s80
GrimClown: Lv25 30k BR
Katharina: Lv56 140k BR
aLLoY: s4 Lv38 35k BR - One of my first toons, but I dont play him.
- Have others that are inactive.

You are Most likely to find me in Lv30 battleground on my mage Grathico.

If you have LINE reply to this with your ID, I help run and organise various Camper based group chats full of the most experienced and oldest Players.

Dont forget to checkout my website, I will be posting on it again and it has alot of useful info.