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Thread: Let us control won troops

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    Let us control won troops

    Previously we were able as small players to hold onto troops in items so that we could compete with big ruby players. This and the fact, gold is a worthless resource and should be used in other ways within the game, this would stimulate the activity within the realms as everyone tries to get all the gold they can to buy? Dragon armour? Meat? Stones? of course you would need to make the value substantial to create the activity but not so high that no one can be bothered.

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    Re. Let us control won troops

    Hi Reserved,
    Thanks for your message and the helpful feedback. I send it already to the Gaea developers so that they can have a further check up over it.

    All the best

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    In the past yes people were allowed to hold onto their winnings, but kabam changed it cos people complained, and what happened as a result the tourys were won by people using less to get them, and the rewards were given to a larger amount of people
    All I want to state is people holding on will only make them reach sky high again by the people who do spend n regardless of how much u save they seem to have the rubies to beat it, again as a postive the non rubies could hold on n gain better prizes,

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