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Thread: Attack restrictions

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    Attack restrictions

    Please move to Suggestions and Feedback

    Hello, I would like to suggest that some attack restrictions are put in place in the Dragon Age realms. I play in Aphrodite and it is becoming very unplayable. Example:
    1. A Troop Kill tournament begins
    2. A 40+ million player zeroes a 2 million power player.
    3. A 10 million power player zeroes a 800 thousand power

    Come on. It is becoming impossible to fight back or to fight at all. What I suggest is simple:
    1. Put a restriction that a player cannot attack people with less than 20% power of them. So for example a 12 million can attack people with 10 million or more, but cannot attack with 4million or 7million.
    2. In order not to make the game unplayable this restriction can be ignored if the target has been inactive for more than 7 days. This way farming remains viable.

    Of course the percentage in point 1 and the number of days in point 2 are just my thoughts and you can put them according for a better balance, but please PLEASE take some action before people stop playing forever.
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    Creating tiers where players are matched with similar power levels would be a good challenge.

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    I agree. This is something we, as players, have been trying to implement on our own, but obtaining universal accord is difficult, to say the least. I also am concerned that Gaea may not see placing restrictions on larger players as being in their own self-interest. But, I spend money, too. And there are more small players than large.

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    Power is meaningless

    Problem here is that power is mostly troop numbers, hence a player with high level gens and troop levels can easilly drop to a lower tier and essentially rule it without threat from players in a higher tier.

    Personally I don't think new players should be put in Dragon Age, they would have a much better experience joining 'Westeros' the new general realm.

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    I agree to this proposal. Give new active players a chance!!

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    Re. Attack restrictions

    Hi Fighters,
    Thanks a lot for your helpful feedback. I passed it already along to Gaea so that the developers over there can use it for the further improvement of the game.

    All the best

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    I also agree

    The game has become unplayable, since the moment where one inactive players could not permanently farms. The server has no resources since this moment. One is forced to be a great player, smaller players constantly attack in order to get their resources. There is not another way. The small type on the big get tired. The Eu servers are all dead. It is time to open a new one. Gaea should quickly do something about, and the player does not hold out for weeks, otherwise the rest of the players will be also clear.
    Best regards koda

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