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    Gaea is ruining this game! Drop rates have been made worse for all things, events, wandering bosses, and gem packs! Event rewards still have not been received from guild ranks! I have spent hundreds of dollars and have lost some very good friends in this game from all this nonsense! Please do something to make this game better before the #1 guild in K84 dissolves!!!!!!

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    I couldn't have said it bette myself bro. And yes also, in Lancelot 82 #1 guild has already dissolved. It's non sense. They literally take over with one of the greatest mobile games ever! ( to me it is anyways) I have loved this game from the start. Quit for a while and came back with newly 7* giants crushing everyone. Took me a while to catch up, but I've spent so much money on this game im embarrassed to say. And prolly couldn't tell u honestly. But Gaea has literally put this game so low. Lowest that I've ever seen. Every new combo an older ones as well are literally all pay to play. That's wrong in so many different ways. Your ruining an amazing game and your too money hungry to see it. Or if you do know, and actually realize your just milking it out until it dissolves. Gaea, you can make this game quite the franchise. And you would also come out with way more profit. Especially over time. U would attract more players, older players would actually want to spent knowing that they'd actually get something. Not like the dam bug with Finn and the others. But dam guys, if your buying 7k gem pack, you should definitely get a few 7* cards and maybe something u like. Your breaking a wonderful game. Please fix it.



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