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Thread: For new players!

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    For new players!

    Hi everyone! I would like announcement to you join to Percival 87 server. This server is operating a few years ago and now very important to almost 200 active players there is in server...So low. If you beginner please switch to Percival 87 if you feel like and not begginned game other server or would it change. My nickname Wicher Guild Royal Kingdom Thank you and enjoy this game! Sincerely:Wicher realm:Percival 87

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    identity thieft

    Quote Originally Posted by FALLEN ОVERLORD View Post
    Selling or exchange the bot to play (new working) inexpensively. skype avalon4023
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    Ok listn up everyones.....
    The fallen we know is a GM whos up day and night trying to make the game better....
    He Has had a good cooperation aith Billy Wich lead to a few changes in game and now hes working with vicen he loves this game.
    Hell do Anything he can to make it better....
    Its just this guy advertising for bots under hisname i think hes scared that fallen Might push the policy for Being harder on Banning bots through ofc with that gaea gotta cooperate i think they will and i think this guy is trying to get fallen pulled of his pos. At gaea as GM. Its childish and in a way its identity thieft. So pls ppl dont buy this Guys **** the bot he offers is a scam to he asks for money first and ull get nothing in return

    We need to stand behind the real fallen who does everything he can for us and the game.
    And my english Needs a update XD but Its not my native.... I hope yall realise who is the real fallen and dont give him crap cuz of this childish guy that is pretending to b him

    Thx for reading,
    Tours faithfully,


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