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Thread: gaea wont fix

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    gaea wont fix

    Hey guys I know alot of peeps wall have been going up for no reason an gaea keeps saying we set are wall up even though we haven't so I know I lost quite a few troops an they just blamed me so I would love for anyone else this is happening to to respond to this thread cuz were not to blame gaea just won't man up an fix it

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    Hasn't happened to me, but look back to about a year ago. It was happening allegedly wall bug glitch or whatever it was causing it to switch from custom to full, or from evade to full. Ask them for the wall activation logs, they can pull that information on your account from the database, and cross compare it to what you were doing at that time, if anything, or even if in game. Don't let them say they can't I've seen the logs provided to several showing to the second wall switching from evade to defend (full wall). Problem is, unless you logged out prior to that (not just minimized game) you really can't substantiate that you didn't click it, so ask for logoff times also if thats the case.

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    got zeroed

    My wall went up and i got zeroed and gaea said the same thing to me.

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    Ask for the logs of when you logged in/logged out, the time your wall was activated, and if there was any actions before (aka did you click on generals, did you click on fortress). It'll indicate if you were there or not. If they can't show you actually opened your wall, then clicked defend (aka 2 action presses in game) then it's obvious you didn't activate it yourself. Be kind, ask for logs.

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    I was a skeptic

    I can understand Gaea's inclination to disbelieve the reports of a wall bug. I was skeptical myself. A person, often a juvenile or teen, messes up and wants to save face. What could be more natural?

    But then it happened to me a few weeks ago, only it was the other way around.

    I was the attacker and the defender, attacking one of my cities in a "General" realm from a directly-adjacent city, using two different Android phones. The march was short enough that I watched without (much) interruption or distraction, and I had ~full information since I controlled both the attacker and the target. (I was killing troops to fill my healing pools, in case of a power tournament.)

    I watched the attack land and take resources without killing any of my target-city's troops. I checked that city's wall, and it showed that custom defense was selected, and the troops were clearly on the wall. I tried a second time with the same result. Then I switched the wall from Custom to Evade and back again to Custom, and finally the conscripts obeyed their orders and died dutifully on the wall.

    The descriptions I've heard of "the" wall bug (there may be many, of which most have been fixed) made me think it was a server-side bug, but because my phone didn't agree with the server, I'm beginning to think there's a mobile App bug. Perhaps the phone displays the state incorrectly, so the person has confidence that the wall is set to Evade when it isn't. Or perhaps the phone gets the state wrong, and some other change (tax rate?) causes the phone's mistake to propagate to the server.

    Suggested easy step toward a solution: Have the client check the defense state of the wall before changing it, and report (e.g. log to server and display pop-up to user) that the wall was already in the desired state, or at least not in the state that the client app thought it was. The reports of this mismatch (particularly if in server logs) would give the engineering team real data (vs. unconfirmed claims) of incidents of this bug. The downside would be that it might either take longer to flip a wall's defense state (waiting for a server round-trip) or a bigger (harder, more likely to introduce new bugs) change would be needed: a new API (Application Programming Interface) call (with more backend changes) that with a single API call would flip the wall's state and report back what the setting was before that change.

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    Hello! was your issue resolved? if not you can email us at

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