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Thread: XELKUS guide "how to devour your enemy?"

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    XELKUS guide "how to devour your enemy?"

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    *please note that this guide is for 5v5, I'm still thinking for making a guide for 3v3

    (( XELKUS ))
    #type: fighter - medium carry - strong carry - durable - hitter
    #skill leveling: 2 - 1 - 2 - ult - 1 - 2 - 1 - ult - 1 - 2

    Brimstone claw, Viking Twin Axe
    #Full build:
    Brimstone Claw, Viking Twin Axe, Prominence, Royal Guard, Magical Shield, Medusa Shield
    Power of God
    65-95% atk speed
    40% armor pen
    10% life steal
    +170 atk
    +35-135 armor
    And all the stats from Power of God

    *1>> 10% atk speed
    *2>> gives you permanent atk bonus from each kills
    *3>> deals 10% more damage to a target under 50% health (I'm not really sure about the *3 talent, CMIIW)

    Gems: (add the following)
    -atk speed
    -atk damage (optional)
    *note: I go for full atk speed & some cooldown

    Alright, thank you guys if you read it to the end.. This is my first guide actually. CMIIW
    (People rarely use Xelkus because they aren't familiar with the playstyle, I hope this guide helps)

    Xelkus is a really powerful carry, although he needs to get his core item quickly, without that, he will not be able to handle assassins and tanks (his core items are actually anti assassin & tank)
    And the best method to farm fast is to JUNGLE + lane farming (combination of both)
    So, I usually start on the pig / goblin warlord, go on the frog that heals you, clean the nearest lane and go back jungling.. You start with your 2nd skill, so you shouldn't have problem cleaning & jungling with it.
    Buy white spear (forgot the name, 434 gold), you don't need Sword of Rage because you can heal easily with your 1st skill. When you think you're low on health & mana never hesitate to TP back to fountain (if you can, put your ulti somewhere first to go back faster)
    When you reach lv 6, try to team up with 1 of your mate, and gank someone.. Make sure you get the kill to boost your gold, if you jungle correctly, this should be easy since you have higher level than the others (try using the red jungle monster that gives you bonus damage to ensure you beat the target)
    In my rules of AoA (hahaha), in 7 min, you'll have to be lv 10 already, so never stop farming. You're the carry of the team dude.


    In my opinion, xelkus is a really powerful carry because.... He got this skills
    #1st: able to silence the enemy, and can heal a massive amount of health (30% atk), and also it increase your atk speed to a maximum of 25% atk speed
    #2nd: cast a shield that absorps 200 damage, increase your attack by up to +45, and also dealing up to 70 damage to your surrounding enemy
    #finally his ult: creates a "beacon" that you can trigger anytime before 30 sec have passed, explode it (insane damage), and binding all enemies nearby (while also teleporting to it), good for engaging & escaping (if you're dead after you place the beacon, the beacon will stay in that place, but you won't be able to teleport there after you respawn, becausw your skill goes to cooldown)
    #Passive: EACH of your normal attacks slows the enemy movement & attack speed by 10% (max. 50%), a perfect anti assassins skill
    His damage output & debuff is really insane in my opinion.. With correct playing style, you can even win against a full build kadar (trust me, I won it) if your teammates are locked in a bloody war, place your ult in the middle of the war, cast your 2nd, and jump in. Get ready for cleaning, you can clean 2-3 people easily if you have AT LEAST the 2 core items that I mentioned above. If you have a full build, trust me, even mikaere will think again before engaging you (you can block his ult with magical shield)
    If you already have Royal Guard immediately activate it after you jump in with your ult to ensure your team wins in that war..
    Don't worry about assassins, with medusa & royal guard, you'll be safe.. If you were attacked by Genzo for example, he'll get slowed (from your royal guard & medusa passive, royal guard active)
    And then just silence him with your 1st, continue attacking.. And he'll be slowed for eternity by your items & Xelkus's passive skill. This, makes him the "Durable Mephisto", strong against almost all type of champions..
    The only thing that you have to be cautious is, currently CAMELLIA. When you fight her, it's just a matter of "who starts first".
    #Silence her first, and you'll win
    #Charmed by her first, and you're dead
    So to counter that, make sure your Magical Shield is ready and immediately jump in when her charm misses!
    With your full build, you'll be an ultimate killing machine. You can even burst down tanks very fast compared to assassin. It's easy to get the hang of it. The only thing that you have to study is, when to jump in with your ult in a war. It's because you have to place your beacon first and that will take some time (1-2 seconds), just be patient, wait for the right time, and KABOOM.. Btw, you can triple kill easily with your full builds. Your ult is game changing, it has an insane damage & binds your enemies, giving a chance for champs like Musaya to jump in for the kill.

    Thank you guys for reading! I hope it helps and you get better with Xelkus!
    I'll post a video to youtube soon for my Xelkus gameplay based on this guide!
    If you got any advices or correction, just tell me, and if you have any question, feel free to ask!
    "Save your scream for the void!" -Xelkus

    IGN: Yhxzen
    Server: APAC
    Clan: GarudaNation
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    Nice guide. You might want to add a gems and talent section though, just a suggestion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderoux View Post
    Nice guide. You might want to add a gems and talent section though, just a suggestion.
    Although I don't have the 3rd talent yet since I rarely got the talent stones for xelkus

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    added some color and an image! Great guide Super helpful!

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    Awesome guide bro. LovEd IT.
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    Good guide

    Good guide. add the gem store too

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    Exellent guie bro

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