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Thread: How To Guide: Recruit System

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    Post How To Guide: Recruit System

    Hi Guardians!

    A lot of you must have noticed the newly introduced Recruit System, with which you can recruit your friends, complete Recruit Quests with them and earn awesome rewards -- including the exclusive Legacy Musaya skin!

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    To help you take better advantage of the system, we have hence prepared you this detailed guide. Read on and start your bountiful journey of recruiting!

    Who Can be Recruited?

    1. New player to Ace of Arenas whose account was created within 7 days.
    2. Existing player of Ace of Arenas who hadn't logged in for 7 days and then returned within 7 days.

    So with above rules, you cannot recruit your daily teammates.
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    The System Itself

    Just tap this helmet icon located at the game homescreen and you will enter the Recruit System.

    A Closer Look at the Recruit System (Recruiter)
    The digits right in the center of the image is your Recruit Code, and as a recruiter, you should share your Recruit Code to others players and would be players to recruit them.

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    There are 3 easy ways to share your Recruit Code:
    1. Copy Recruit Code: you can paste your Recruit Code and send it to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
    2. Screenshot: save above image and send it to your friends.
    3. Share on Facebook: your recruits get your Recruit Code in your post, as well as download link of the game.

    Note: you can recruit multiple players at the same time!

    A Closer Look at the Recruit System (Recruit)
    So suppose you're a recruit, but what should you do with the Recruit Code?

    Firstly, you need to download Ace of Arenas from the App Store or Google Play. Then enter the Recruit System by tapping the helmet icon at the game's homescreen.

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    At the bottom left part of the page, you will notice a tab reads "Enter Recruit Code". This is where you can enter the Recruit Code, and upon the completion of which, you will be officially the recruit of your buddy!


    1. The countdown below the "Enter Recruit Code" tab indicates how much time you have left to enter your Recruit Code. Once you missed the 7-day window, you would no longer be able to enter your Recruit Code.
    2. As a Recruit you can also recruit other players, but you yourself can only be recruited once.

    Recruit Info

    Once you have successfully recruited a player, your Recruit Info page will look like this:

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    The countdown indicates how long this player will be your recruit, and as the player you recruit will remain as your recruit only for 30 days, you better hurry and complete your Recruit Quests fast! But still you can always recruit other players and finish your Recruit Quests.

    Recruit Quest
    Once you have recruited a player, you can finish Recruit Quests and get your rewards!

    There are Daily and Weekly Recruit Quests, as well as Recruit Achievements. Once completed, you will get Recruit Tokens and trade in for value items!

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    1. Both the recruiter and recruit will get Recruit Tokens upon completing a Recruit Quest.
    2. All Recruit Quests must be completed in 3 vs. 3, 5 vs. 5 or Timeless Enclave mode.
    3. Purchasing quests must be completed by the recruit, not the recruiter.
    4. Previous purchases are deemed invalid and only purchases made in the recruit session count.

    Recruit Shop
    Recruit Shop is where you spend Recruit Tokens to get valuable rewards, including the exclusive Legacy Musaya skin!

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    And these would be all for today?s Recruit System 101! Let us know if you have more questions, and we hope to see you (and your recruits) in the arena!
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    What AOA need right now is NOT new champions but the balance of existing champions, more skins and visual effects to personalize player's champions, and complete the veteran system imo.

    And it's unfair to have special event genzo skin 'Frozen blade genzo' on offering too often. It should stay rare for those who spent lots of money to get it when first released. Then who would trust you guys and spend money again to get any other 'special' skin if it will come out on offering over and over? Please keep the special skin's rarity.

    And please give penalty to players with sexual or inappropriate profile pictures.

    Thank you.

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    not able to enter recruit code

    Hey bro. When this nafal event was started I am not able to enter my recruit code. Actually I am not able to see enter recruit code box. Please help me.
    Server : APAC
    My id : 1501590242101

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    thanks bro

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