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Thread: Exp bug

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    Exp Bug

    Hello, since a few months i have a problem with my exp. My level counter is bugged and i can't reach the other level, it says that i have 1000000/74200

    Realm: Bruenor-92
    In-Game name: Sir Artorias
    ID E-mail:
    Level: 109

    I'll wait for an answer

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    Same here

    When i got lvl54,it sad that i need 21300 exp,that means (-20000/1300)to proced to lvl 55.What do i do??Please helpp!!

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    Pls fix it



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    Fix it please

    Quote Originally Posted by Billy-Gaea View Post
    Hello Lord () Memrach. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find you in our back end server. Could it be that you mispelled you nickname?
    Hi there,i realy want to continue playing this awasome game,so please fix this bug i have waiting so much.

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