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Thread: Exp bug

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    Exp bug

    Exp bug

    In-Game name: NightShade
    Realm: Lucan-77
    ID E-mail:
    Level: 84
    My exp bar got very strange during "The Stolen Lamp" event, for example, exp: -34000/4400
    Left number high ,right number low. While earning exp left numbers keep going down.

    I can't level up this way and i would really like if it gets fixed as soon as possible.
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    Same here

    Around February 23rd, my XP level went from +47200/47200 to -450,000ish/47200. Every time I earn xp, the negative xp number goes down towards zero. I assume that once it hits zero it will go up towards 47200 again. But it's definitely a bug: you can't expect people to gain 500k experience just to level up to a 50k level.

    I posted a bug notice when Kabam still ran things; I'll do the same here now.

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    XP is endlessly growing with no Level UP


    I have the same issue:

    I'm currently blocked for a while at level 95 with an xp growing endlessly.
    I'm now at 408892 / 37200.
    Looks like a counter overflow issue and so I will never reach the next level since I'm really over next level...

    Can you help me to solve the issue, please?

    Note that I've already try to:
    - Delete all aplication data
    - re-register to my account
    - Uninstall and reinstall the game.

    My user account name is CrazyWhiteWolf. I'm on French server (I did not find the server name on the game).

    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

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    exp. bug

    I have the same problem. My exp. grows ,but im stuck at lvl 89. Server Lucan-97 player name Lord () Memrach fix pls

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    Angry So we are 4 players only with this bug?

    So we are only 4 players having this bug?

    Does any one knows how we should report it?
    It seems that no developer is reading this forum...

    I've tried to report the bug from Game support menu but it only open empty page with no report feature...

    Thanks for any suggestion you could provide.
    Remind that I've already tri a lot of things like uninstall / reinstall the game.

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    Bug submitted. Bug Id 30763

    I found how to submit bug whithin the application.
    If in the section "others bugs" there is no way to submit bugs, we can submit one from "Ios bugs"...

    When the bug is filled, there's a pick list "others bugs".
    We should all submit same kind of bug, perhaps we would have more chance to get an answer...

    Best Regards,

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    Feb 2016

    Hello All

    We have been mad aware of this issue, unfortunately we haven't located it's origin but our developping team is working very hard on that.

    Thank you very much for your patience!

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    Thanks for answering

    At least we have an answer, so I will be patient

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    Bug fix expected (Bug 30763)?

    I recieved an e-mail saying:
    "Dear Player,

    This is an email to remind you that your request (#30763) has been pending for 3 days and awaits your feedback. If no feedback for 4 more days the ticket will auto close."

    I answer all asked question. So I was hoping a fix, not a "we will close it"'...

    Do you know What is expected from me?



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    Red face Fix applied

    Hi All,

    My request #30763 have been solve.
    A solution have been applied on my account.

    My contact told me they will apply this solution for others players.
    So it should be fixed for all soon.

    Best Regards,

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