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Hi gaea team.

I think that the drop rates of golden donkeys should be dramatically increased in easy events and guild raids.

Most of us have not mnay of them and for that we cannot enchant our cards to the best of their abilities.

For future events could we ask that the drop rate is increased for golden donkeys? or at least 1 a week or 1 every 2 weeks make an event were donkeys of all sort drops.

I hope people do agree with me in this case.

thank you

Well i couldn't agree more!
When the early golden castle event produced golden donkey,s like rain, due to programing glitch u realized many had thousand of them so u nerfed the drop rate of golden AR$E in to a very rare thing, so how is that fair for others. please make golden ar$e available as it use to be for guild raids and normal event-drop, not asking to increase just the way it was before .