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Thread: Lack of rss in Dragon Age Realms

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    I agree with the thread

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    So almost a month into this and still no response ...

    Almost 900 views and still no response...

    Maybe when we hit 1000 ppl viewing this they will take it seriously...

    I doubt it

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    Feels like Artemis has lost quite a few players since my earlier post, getting awfully quiet around here.

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    It's the same in Aegeus, fewer players each day.

    Anyone new reading this do not expect support from Gaea/Kabam. They obviously do not care about players in these realms. I would not recommend playing this game to anyone. They have no interest in improving it

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    Lightbulb Detailed Explanation Regarding RSS Problems in "Dragon Age" Style Realm [exp deeds]

    I've been putting off responding to this post in detail because I haven't had time, and was hoping someone within Gaea Mobile would realize what is happening and relay the message. This is after speaking to Gaea Moderator Kill Shift via line prior to the server swap and take over.

    Let me make it clear, I am only speaking in regard to the "Dragon Age" type realms, not the normal, nor hardcore in this post. For Gaea moderators reading, if you're unaware of the difference, please open game, tap on profile id upper left, then "realms", then next to "Type" there is a drop down, there are 3 different types of dragons of atlantis realms which very different rules, troops, and ways the game interacts. Please note that before reading the following and responding with a "get your resource from campaign" or "just farm players" response that indicates that you are unaware of this difference as such. I am speaking from my point of view on Hera realm. I am the overlord, DarkSider8436, of the number 1 alliance, Dissension, on this realm.

    First of all, aside from the resources issue, why are there no expansion deeds available in dragon age? These expansion deeds allow the Nightshade dragon, earth dragon, and fire dragon to unlock remaining building and resource plots. Without these expansion deeds, which normally cost 100 rubies, players are unable to use the remaining spaces. These remaining spaces are clouded out and are not usable or even visible without the option to get the expansion deeds. These expansion deeds were put on sale the first few days of March, and then removed from the store entirely. I've asked multiple times through customer support, and been patiently awaiting for any indication of what's going on. Why were these expansion deeds removed that now inhibit any players from expanding their building areas, and realistically prevents you from earning any revenue through rubies from these. Most players who plan on supporting the game in anyway monetarily would be happy to spend on these, but they are not available at all now. My questions regarding these are:
    • Why were the expansion deeds removed?
    • Are they going to to be re-added to game so all players can take advantage of them? If so, When?

    My second issue that has seemingly cropped up every since we swapped over to Gaea Mobile servers is the issue of cheaters. Either you have no security on your servers whatsoever, or you are turning a blind eye to individuals who can jump 1400 points in the last 4-5 minutes of dragon battle ground. Try it, even with the 50 streak bonus, clicking as fast as you can to skip, I don't see a conceivable way to jump up that many points in 5 minutes considering the time it takes to actually click through, even if you are winning instantly on the first dragon hit. I have submitted a ticket regarding this issue when, in the last 5 minutes I was still doing dragon battle ground as fast as I could, and only generated 500-600 points (including 50 streak bonus). In that same time frame, another player was able to jump nearly 1600 points to beat me last minute. Does this mean someone is using a script to skip all animations, are they using something to inject false data in for additional points, or have they found a bug where they "lock" their points in and can constantly win at the max points. For example, lets say they found a way to glitch it so the 50 streak bonus happens every single round (of 3 wins). You really need to take a look into this and stop sending pre-generated responses. You are NOT kabam! Another aspect is either you have some players spending some serious money on buying stones, or someone has found a way to glitch the stones via mail reward OR otherwise. Consider looking at players who's troop levels are jumping from 10 to 15 overnight...on 5 different troop types. Is it possible legit, yes, but were talking about having saved up 10k stones + of each type to do that. I'm seeing this applies ONLY to mist, sun, ocean stones, aka the stones reward from dragon battleground. Consider looking at the payout players receiving their tier rewards from getting points in dragon battleground and compare to what they're actually receiving. There is definitely something happening with many times over receiving extra stones via a glitch or redundant payout and it's being abused. My questions are:
    • Are you aware of these cheaters happening on your servers?
    • What are you, at gaea mobile doing to remedy this situation, if anything currently?

    My third concern is when are you going to make the troop Storm Drakes healable? They were brought into the game almost 2 months ago and as of now, if they die, they permanently die and are not healable via healing pools, unlike ALL other troops in game that can be healed. This essentially makes them a purposeless troop as you use them once and they're gone. Add in the fact they are premium, attained only by getting caged current through tournament rewards and you have a mixture for a pointless troop currently. My question is
    • When will Storm Drakes be trainable via garrison and NOT just premium rewards?
    • When will Storm Drakes be healable, and not permanently die?

    My main concern though is the lack of available resources in the realm. Before you tell me to farm non stop or hit inactive players or what not, please read this entirely, and digest it before responding. Prior to march 1st, many of us relied heavily upon glitch cities. What are glitch cities? They were cities within the world that, after being inactive (not logged in) for 7+ days, they would produce resources infinitely. You could repeatedly hit the same player and rather than exhaust the resources upon hitting, it would give you the same amount over and over. Kabam was obviously aware of this, it wasnt intended to be in there, and as of march 1st, the "glitches" as us players called it, stopped working. This realm type, dragon age, was built upon needing a constant high volume flow of resources to pay for expensive research, buildings, troop recovery. These realms are focused on building healing pools, and being able to recover your troops rather than the old style realm "normal" where they are used, die, and you are not inclined to recover them as you are here. This constant flow of necessary resources, given how expensive the costs in game become, has been cut off with the removal of glitched cities. Yes Gaea, you made no food troop upkeep on the NORMAL realms, but food isn't an issue on dragon age realms. We can currently farm food from anthropus camps very easily and in bulk amounts. The issue is all other resources including wood, stone, metal. These anthropus camps, wildernesses with computer generated troops in the world that we can attack ONLY give bulk food, and gold to an extent. The amount of wood, metal, stone given is in such small amounts it would take an individual sitting here 24/7 to even generate any amount of necessary resources via the built in resource mechanisms for farming (anthropus camps, wildernesses).

    The second option is attacking other players. Let me explain how this is not going to generate enough resources. Most players have a storage vault, which protects ALL types of resources, 50,000 per level of storage vault. This means if they get attacked, and have a level 20 storage vault, 1 million of each type of resource is protected from being plundered. The problem is 2-prong here; this type of realm does not favor you using your population to make lots of resource plots in your city, else you deplete the very little bit of population you have and then you cannot build troops so easily. In addition, the amount it produces per hour is such a small amount that in the scheme of things it doesn't generate a fraction of what is necessary to heal troops, build buildings, upgrade research. For example, if my city is producing 50,000 wood an hour, I would have to let it sit for exactly 24 hours to generate over a million wood total. Sounds like a lot? Not really, if I'm attacking other players, and due to storage vaults protecting so much, and the resource plots having a capacity limit to how much they produce then stop producing in a city, I'm going to have to farm/attack excessive amounts of players for very very tiny amounts of resources (many times). I don't mind investing the time, but consider me hitting a city that has high dragon levels or many troops, and now I'm losing my troops and have to spend resources to recover them. Rather than farming and generating a good flow of resources, I'm constantly spending what I'm earning just to cover for troop losses (as this is a battling realm) just to break even. Wait what about research & upgrading buildings? Now we're starting to deplete more than we can possibly earn if we actually want to play game and upgrade buildings and/or research. Gaea, you can open your databases and view the resource costs PER building and PER research level. Tell me, if I am unable to generate a lot of resources because there is a capacity limit on production in city, and storage vaults/capacity cap in player cities i can attack, and i'm constantly having to spend to heal troops, how am I ever supposed to generate or farm for any amount of resources and be able to successfully play in this game?

    What I'm pointing out above is this type of realm, dragon age realms, does not have a good model set in place to attain resources, unlike the old normal realms or hardcore realms, which produce actively, and are NOT as resource intense as dragon age realms. I can't tell you how many players have quit in the past month and a half because they can't spend 15 hours a day farming for tiny amounts of resources OR they get frustrated because they spend all this time, and cannot feasibly farm resources compared to troop losses. For example, I lose 15,000 Venge Wyrms on ONE march to attack a players wall and it costs me 2million of EVERY single resource to heal them. That is 10 million total resources which in turn may take a day or more JUST to farm off cities.

    It isn't that we can't necessary attain some resources, it's in the fact that due to capacity limits on rss plots, storage vault, cost to actually upgrade buildings and research being so high, that we have no way to keep up with what resources we need in the game. Resources should be common enough in the game that no players should quit en-masse due to frustration in attaining them. Look at dragons of atlantis the web version, and the other realm type "normal" and see how resources are plentiful, yet here in dragon age realms, we are left starving and unable to reasonably build, research, heal troops. My questions are:
    • Are you aware that there is a resource issue within Dragons of Atlantis, DRAGON AGE realm types, that is causing many players to quit?
    • Do you understand the implications of how the above mentioned "glitch cities" for resources, with the inherent game limitations functioned as a viable resource source?
    • Are you planning to make any changes, updates, or fixes to fix this issue of there not being a feasible way to attain resources continually within the dragon age realms?
    • If you are planning changes, seeing as it has been 2 months of suffering in the game, when are these changes coming? What are you doing to remedy this issue? No communication on your end has reached us regarding this issue, and given we support and pay into this game with real money, we need communication!

    I do have a few suggestions that would help remedy this situation regarding the lack of resources.
    • Increase anthropus camps, and wildernesses so they give reasonable amounts of resources. For example, if anthropus camp level 7 gives 500,000 food but only 10,000 wood/metal/stone; increase it so wood, metal, stone are also given in equal amounts to food upon a successful attack on the camps. This also applies to the amount of resources attained from attacking wildernesses, it needs to be increased significantly.
    • Remove resource capacity caps on every single city. For instance, if because I have 10 lumbermills of whatever level producing wood for me, and it has a capacity of 1,250,000, that means it stops producing at 1.250 million. Remove that cap so it would continue to grow without a limit. In this way it would make it so less active players, inactive cities would continually grow in resources, so, as you suggested, when we attack them they will actually yield decent amounts of resources. It is essential to remove this production cap because the storage vault protects so much by the time a city produces enough to exceed storage vault, its depleted. The problem is the capacity limit for resources versus what is protected by the storage vault. For example, if I have a level 20 storage vault protecting 1million of each type of resource, yet my resource capacity cap is only 1.2million resources, that leaves a very very small window of resources that can be attacked for. In other words, my explanations above regarding only small amounts of resources per attack and over burden on recovery should make sense.
    • Consider "deactivating" storage vaults on any city that hasn't been logged in for say 14 days. It is obvious player is inactive and no longer playing often. So if this level 20 player has a level 20 vault that protects 1million resources, it would deactivate at that point so those produced resources can be farmed/attacked by those of us playing in the realm, rather than sitting, doing nothing collecting on a player and cant be used.
    • I don't feel the former "glitch cities" should be restored. I don't know why we had those cities, but obviously Kabam coded them into the game, and then removed that when they sold you the game, covering it up and handing you the issue to deal with after purchasing this game from them. You might want to ask Kabam about the issue how there were even glitch cities in first place, and why suddenly they were removed on March 1st when you took over at Gaea Mobile. A bit of a coverup of the truth to you guys there hm?

    I strongly feel that these little small suggestions would help bring players back into the game because they would be able to reasonably attain resources without struggling post-glitch-city removal. If you need a more detailed description, or you would like me to explain in further detail on how this is impacting your bottom line $$ driving players away, making the realms into a ghost town, or even explain better on how this resource issue is impacting our dragon age realms, I'm more than happy to speak to someone at Gaea Mobile either through pm, Line, phone or otherwise email.

    Please, give us some communication and reach out to let us know you are listening and are planning to do something about this. I've taken the time to detail exactly why resources are an issue here, please give us some response or reach out to me to help you to help us provide a better, more reasonable gaming experience. Don't let the dragon age realms slip through the cracks, let us know your plans!

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    Thanks Darksider, great post!

    The bottom line is the resource model on dragon age realms has always been broken, up until March the glitches just partially hid that fact.

    Please address this before it is too late to revive these realms (if it isn't already)

    Aside from simply driving huge numbers of players away, those who remain are much less likely to spend as they are loosing faith that the servers of this type will survive much longer.

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    Well said dark this problem really needs to be fixed it is absolutely ridiculous how long it takes to farm enough rss to fill training ques and have a building and research going i have to farm so much that it is affecting my real life and im getting over it i love this game but this is just stupid and needs to be resolved now not in a months time but now.
    You have a choice fix it or run it into the ground we had high hopes that with new owner's that things might get better but its not looking like thats going to happen.
    Please please fix the problems ASAP

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    Thank you darksider for summing up so eloquently what we have been saying here for the past month. We are now over 1000 views. And still waiting

    I also agree with you on the shortage of wood as a rss. It's needed for a lot of different things, not the least is which is healing troops. What kind of war game makes it so its punitive to fight?
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    Thanks for posting, people. I hope we are able to keep this issue at the fore front, as it has seriously impacted game play. I'm sending most of my time just farming and doing nothing else. It's a good summation of the problems, dark, and I would hope that gaea responds quickly before everyone quits playing these realms all together. There a more than one issue at play, and the rss is only the greatest at the moment. Get off your asses and do something about it!

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    Now we're over 1100 views for this thread

    Come on Gaea the problem isn't going away, we are not going away

    I would like answers to the questions raised here. It's ludicrous that this has gone so long unanswered.

    At least acknowledge that someone is reading this thread.

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