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Why refer to realms as anything other than what they are called in game? I started in dragon age realms so that's "normal" to me. There are three types of realms: General, dragon age and hardcore. General realms had their troop upkeep lowered to zero. They didn't start that way. Why can't the same be done for dragon age? I can farm in general realms with no troop lose, why not in dragon age realm? In general realms I carry hundreds of millions in food. It should at least be comparable in dragon age.

As a moderator maybe you could check with the developers as to what is actually possible and share that with us. Your opinions on what's a possible solution are great but aren't really relevant without talking to the devs
Your point is well taken. Calling the realms anything other than what they are is confusing. As for the developers, despite the abysmal customer service, it does appear that they are trying to make changes, even if it's at a glacial pace. Hopefully they'll also look at the glitchiness of ava and address that too, but that's another discussion. It'd be nice for someone to actually address us here and hash out some of these issues, but that seems a study in frustration