Dear Community,

During the past weeks we’ve been actively looking for more feedback in the forums and in game as well as with the help of our support. One thing that has been frequently mentioned was the lock of old realms for new possible players. You’ve asked us to remove that lock so all these realms would flourish again.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to implement all your wishes, but lucky for us, this time it is. During next week we’ll open up all old realms for new players and therefor hopefully help to re-unite friends.

As you and / or your friends might want to start over on another realm, please note that you find a flag next to some of them. The blue flags symbolize realms that have been opened between May and November 2015 with a different rule set, for example dragon adoption via resources. All other realms, so the ones without a flag, have all available content released and, for example again, dragon adoption has to be done by using crests which can be collected in wilds.

Thanks so much for your endurance and patience as well as the spent time to present your feedback to us. If you have any questions about this topic, please ask us here in this thread.

All the best,
Your Heirs of the Dragon – Team