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Thread: Guild Level lost! Anger! fu*k you?kabam.

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    Guild Level lost! Anger! fu*k you?kabam.

    Dear kabam, as an old player, your service so I am very disappointed. Because your services are not in place, there are

    already a large number of players are giving up this game. I hope you pay attention to our views, Promptly correct the

    Society of war in the new season, we lost Association building rating, the vast majority of members can not participate in

    the war. I hope you will be able to recover in time the city state of our union, and to make up for our lost union rank!

    Two years in the game, put a lot of money, but your service once again let us down. If you still ignore our advice, we will

    stay away from this game. good luck!


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    Virtual knight

    Lightbulb Let's strike from shop

    I suggest that all players in every server start a STRIKE FROM SHOP (totally, zero money spent in Heroes of Camelot from now on). Let's see how much time will pass since they solve the bugs, give compensation or take any kind of action/advise!

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    I think this forum has no administrator. No one was to respond to questions.

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