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Thread: [Event] ... he was unable to finish them due to a devastating tragedy!

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    Lightbulb [Event] ... he was unable to finish them due to a devastating tragedy!

    Newly discovered documents prove that, in long forgotten times when Atlantis was still young, there was an alchemist who tried to achieve the impossible. Against the laws it was his goal to not just merge special stones to make his troops more powerful. He wanted to create the ultimate creature, combining powerful defense and deadly poison, a creature that could destroy everything and everyone. According to our information he made some progress, however he was unable to finish them due to a devastating tragedy.

    We’re asking all our citizens to have a look at your own ancient texts and send us any evidence on how that dangerous creature might have looked like. Any information that can help us to clarify these reports will be greatly rewarded! Are you ready to take on that task?


    1. Show us until November 5th, 2015, how a fusion of “Petrified Titans” and “Venom Dragons” would look like.
    2. Draw a picture, create an animation, craft something out of the materials you have at hand or carve a pumpkin. It’s all up to your creativity!
    3. Upload the animation (video or .gif file) or the picture (.png, .jpg et similia) to “” or “” and post the link in this thread.
    4. Add your ingame name and your server name to your post so we know who did this awesome piece of art.


    At this point we’d like to present you an example so that you know what we’re actually talking about. Unfortunately, as you can see, we’re really bad at this, please be merciful with us.


    • Rank 1: 50 Bronze Blazed Stones + 20,000 Petrified Titans + 20,000 Venom Dragons + 1x 15 hours speed up + 1 piece of Lobster
    • Rank 2-3: 25 Bronze Blazed Stones + 10,000 Petrified Titans + 10,000 Venom Dragons + 8 hours speed up + 1 piece of Venison
    • Rank 4-5: 10 Bronze Blazed Stones + 5,000 Petrified Titans + 5,000 Venom Dragons + 1x 2.5 hours speed up + 1 piece of Chicken
    • Every participant: 15 minutes speed up, 1 piece of Mutton

    On top of that we will randomly selecting one participant that will receive another bonus reward. We’re looking forward to your posts and wish you all a great time “being creative”!

    Dragons of Atlantis - Heirs of the Dragons

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    Hello Citizens of Atlantis.

    We’d like to thank you all so much for taking part in our little event and of course sending in many really amazing pictures. As we don’t want to keep you waiting much longer, here are the winners:

    Further great pictures from: ???rî??ø? (Troezen) ; Altea (Autochthon) ; Anastasia Steele (Lympha) ; Brown (Proclus) ; Darren (Celestia) ; Dave Anubis (Lympha) ; Heidi (Proclus) ; Kaylop (Celestia) ; <[MAGNETO]> (Lympha) ; xXx3£?@Qu3®OxXx (Nirvana) ; Yael Sin Rival (Sinis)

    Besides the normal ranking we promised to randomly pick one player who’s going to receive an additional special reward. The winner is: Maksdesign (Diaprepes)

    Thanks again for your time and all your efforts. We’ll surely start some more events in the future and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to create a forum topic describing your idea!

    All the best,
    Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon

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