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Thread: Healing troops doesn't count in tournaments of might

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    Healing troops doesn't count in tournaments of might

    I am very unhappy about this newest change our world. was just fine before this change it seems like just a money grab from Kabam to make you spend more money to play their game ..... I can speak for everyone in Avalon PvP 138 hardcore we do not want this change and you are going to cause the death of our world Avalon 138 is a special world not like any other Kabam world and should not be subjected to the changes you make in The Hunger worlds..... Avalon PvP 138 is a hardcore world and your change in gameplay has messed up the balance there.... I don't want you to think this message is just from some knob in Avalon I am TheCatKing chancellor of HunterZ the biggest alliance in Avalon hardcore

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