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Thread: Feedback on 'Creatures in the Caves' event so far

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    Feedback on 'Creatures in the Caves' event so far

    Hi Kabam .

    This week, the new pict camp event Creatures in the Caves started! I was so happy to see that an event like this is introduced again. I hope you guys will keep organizing events like this in the future.

    One part I like less about this event compared to the Wards in the Caves event: The change to get the very first step into the caves, the Lantern, is reduced so much during Creatures in the Caves compared to Wards in the Caves. This is the only part of the event which frustrates me a bit. Why? Because when you finally get a Lantern, it's still a long way to go to a cave. I think during the Wards in the Caves event, there was a 1/3 chance to get a Lantern when you attack pict camps. I now feel like it's reduced to a 1/7 chance.

    The way to a cave contains so many chances to get further. That is actually the fun part for me, cause it's fun to find out how far you can get. But please, don't reduce the chance to get to the very first step, the Lantern, when you still have such a long way to go once you finally get one.

    Again: thanks for organizing this event again and I hope you will keep on doing so in the future, but don't reduce the fun to play it by reducing the mentioned chance to the first step into the caves.

    Hope you will keep this in mind by organizing a next event!

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    Hi Lianne, thanks for your feedback again! I have spoken to the game team. They say the rates were different than the Wards event because the chest also contains other items like the Gryphon. However I have asked them to include chances to win more than one Lantern in the chest

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    Hi Jacob, thanks for replying again . I understand where the game team is coming from when you explain it like that. What I do have to say against that is that you need soooo many Gryphons for a good prize. And when you don't have the Unicorns along with it, which is the case in my situation, Gryphons are only good for the very small prizes. For example, I think I attacked around 250 pict camps for enough Gryphons to trade them for the token chest. This chest contains a chance to get 500 Merlin Coins. Unfortunately, I only got 3 Coins from it.. I think that says it all about how much Gryphons matter to me to get the prizes: nothing at all :P.

    The chance to get 500 Merlin Coins is a pretty nice prize, but since Gryphons are pretty hard to get since the Beasthunter flags (which also contains the Lantern) are also hard to get, I'm not extra motivated to get more Gryphons. The chance for Gryphons/Lanterns is just too small.

    I appreciate you talked to the game team for me though . It would increase the fun for me to get more Lanterns so I have more chances to get to a cave.

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