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Thread: Idea: More Stamina Potions available

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    Idea: More Stamina Potions available

    Hi Kabam .

    Although you haven't responded to my last idea, I'll keep posting new ones.

    This one is about the Stamina Potions. While talking to another player from an other alliance, I figured out that some players are having a hard time getting enough Stamina Potions. Stamina Potions are these days really wanted, cause Campaign is needed to grow in the game. Currently, Potions can be earned by trading in Grail Fragments in the Round Tower every once a week, by trading those dayly Mission Badges and by playing Merlin's Madness or the Wheel. The last two things are unfortunately only for the players with enough coins..

    I just wondered about something: can you give us more options to get those Stamina Potions? Especially the smaller players really need them to keep up with the latest gear, hamers, juwels, banners, etc. A few examples:

    1. Put Stamina Potions in tournaments so we can work for it. You can even put a small amount of Potions as an 'extra prize' in the tournament besides the real prizes. If you put those Potions in the prizes for the lower ranks also, small players will be encouraged to participate more often.

    2. Put Stamina Potions in pict camps. Or at least a change to get them. Or maybe something like the Starsteel Rock now: collect enough of a certain item to trade them for a prize in the Round Tower: in this case Stamina Potions.

    3. Put them in the Dayly Merlin Chance. A chance for Stamina Potions in that would make that Chance worthwhile again, cause the current prizes in that Chance right now are way to low to be usefull, even for the smallest player in the server.

    I hope you understand that Campaign is at the moment a fun way to get better in the game. People will spend more time playing the game if they had enough Stamina Potions or have a way to work for them.

    Please let me know how you think about this!

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    Hi Lianne_123,

    we're looking into providing solutions for this (among which is the community vote re-initiated this evening).
    We'll keep you guys updated!


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    Hi Ganstack .

    Thanks for your reply. I indeed voted for more Stamina Potions in the community vote. I hope this can be a start of having more potions in the game.

    Will you post a reaction here when you know more about the solutions you mentioned?

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