Hi Kabam .

Since the pict event from last week is unfortunately over, I started playing Campaign. To get the better prizes, I have to attack the Chapters with opponents with a pretty high amount of might. I obviously need my heroes to come along with the attacks to lose less troops. Since my VIP-level is only 5, my heroes still rest for 10 minutes after each attack. I spent all the 15-minute speeds-ups I had to make their rest go away so I could keep on playing. I now have to collect those 15-minute speed-ups in the lower Chapters, while I really want to spend more time in the higher Chapters to get the items I need to improve, be a better player in the game and keep up with the top-players. I checked my inventory, and I do have pretty many 1-hour speed-ups, 8-hour speed-ups, 15-hour speed-ups, pretty much all of those speed-ups with can shorten the bigger time amounts. I think it's sin to use those speed-ups just to make a hero-rest from 10 minutes go away. That's why I started wondering about this: Is it possible for you to introduce a hourglass/speed-ups-trade? For example: Trade a 1-hour speed-up for 4 15-minute speed-ups, or trade an 8 hour speed-up for 32 15-minute speed-ups, or trade 15 1-minute speed-ups for a 15-minute speed-up. It's the same amount of time, but just with different hourglasses. If you can introduce this, it will make me spend more time in Campaign because I can have more 15-minute speed-ups.

I think it's pretty easy to introduce this using the possibilities the Round Tower offers. Please let me know how you think about this.