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Thread: Compliments about 'Wards in the Caves' event :)

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    Compliments about 'Wards in the Caves' event :)

    Hi Kabam,

    It's been a long time that an event in Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North has be organized that I actually really liked. I'm talking about the Wards in the Caves event. It's more an event for the smaller players who can appreciate the smaller rewards if you don't fully get to a cave but still want to continue to actually find out what treasure the cave holds. The fact that we had to make an actual effort by attacking pict camps for a chance to get a nice price is something I really like. The chances at this event were just at the good level. It wasn't impossible to get to a cave, but it wasn't easy either. It made us work for a chance to get a nice reward and it gave us small rewards for not getting fully to a cave.

    I have to thank you for this event! It made me spend more time playing the game. The event unfortunately ended today.. I was wondering if you guys could organize events like this again soon. It really brought back some fun for me, as a small player, to play the game.

    I really hope you will consider to organize events like this on a more regular basis. If that will be the case, please reply so I have something to look forward to .

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    Thank you very much for your kind words, Lianne! I have since sent them to the game team so they will see that they were enjoyed and so will run similar events in the future.

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    Thank you Jacob . Will you let me know if there is any news about this matter?

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