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Thread: Kabam betrügt

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    superfive kop

    Kabam betrügt

    Guten Tag liebe Verbrecher von Kabam, wie kann das sein, dass ihr mächtig scheisse baut und einer unserer Member dann dafür bestraft wird? Ich bitte um komplette Aufklärung des Sachverhalts!!!!
    Ihr könnt mich ja auch noch bannen, am besten dann 2100 Tage!!!!

    Boanlkramer - Morgana 134

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    I also would like to know how a company can take money from consumers, and just be able to terminate our accounts for absolutley no reason. In this case, an account was banned for a glitch that happened in a grail war through no fault of the player.. And yet he still looses everything he has put into the game.... That is just not right.... Where are our rights to appeal such ill conceived and biased decisions made by kabam?

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