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Thread: Brand New Log in Calendar - September

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    Whats changed really?

    This is so stupid, all that's happened is it now takes longer to collect the crappy's that better?

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    I think, maybe Kabam can tell, that creating the calendar with all pictures etc is a lot of work. As of today they only have to create new week boxes (text only) and resetting the calendar. Easier...
    With the saved time they can solve other problems. (hopefully)

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    Calander update

    Hi Kabam, i must say calander can be a good idea for better prices, but prices are still terrible for beginners ore long time players at this moment. Suggestions how to please more players.

    1# greate better prizes with higher values in tier troops from 1 to 6 xample if a player with good gear attacks a player with also good gear than 1 million on troops is lost within 7 to 10 strikes. To heal ore train that value on troops you need more than 500 million on resourses so it,s impossible to heal ore train enough troops and do that cost 99% off all players are not attacking ore defending there cities.
    2# give new players good defence gear and imperial training in the level up chest that a player get when he reeds level 3,5,8,12,16,20 etc etc give these players a lott off speed-ups so they can build faster and train faster. Reduce building time. Ingrease the level that a new player can ingrease his might from there inventory from level 15 to suggestion lvl 30 so it's not interested for second alt,s builders to create more alt accounts.
    3# campaign mode is terrible and prices even more nothing more to tell abouth that part.
    4# create good attacking gear excluvice for the gemmers so they can still pay the game cost and keep kabam happy.

    5# last but most important more troops are needed in this game so players can play this wonderfull game.Reward players in tats , tom,troop kill etc,etc the higher you score the lower amount in tier troops you get but instead reward then with prices like gems,tokens ore something like that. The lower prices must be than for the smaller players ore none gemmers give them higher value in tier troops so that the can ingrease there might faster to take part off the battles.

    Greetz from a small players that knows enough off the game.

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