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Thread: Brand New Log in Calendar - September

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    Lightbulb Brand New Log in Calendar - September

    LOG-IN Calendar Rules Have been Updated
    This applies only to the following Worlds: 123,124,125,134,135,136,137,138,139,142,99,104,105 ,106,107,108,109,110,111,140,90,91

    Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

    This month we are excited to introduce a new log-in calendar system that allows you to win even better rewards every week.
    Starting September 1st, you will be able to collect weekly tokens in the Log-in calendar and exchange them at the end of each week in the Round tower.
    How does it work?
    Collect 6 Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 Tokens and trade them in the Round Tower for the corresponding prize. Collect 1 token of each week and get the bonus prize.

    Weekly rewards:

    6x “Week 1 Tokens” = 1x “Log-in Reward - Week 1”
    This chest contains:
    2 Guinevere's Hourglass
    1 Iron EXP Charm
    10 World Gems
    1 Officer's Hourglass
    1 Stamina Potion
    1 Imperial Training (*Lv5)
    5 Gold Hero Medallions

    6x “Week 2 Tokens” = 1x “Log-in Reward - Week 2”
    This chest contains:
    1 Grail Wars Portal of Order
    20 World Gems
    1 Divine Training(*Lv5)
    3000 Ghost Archers
    2 Commander's Hourglass
    3 Tempered Horseshoes
    1 Bronze EXP Charm

    6x “Week 3 Tokens” = 1x “Log-in Reward - Week 3”
    This chest contains:
    20 World Gems
    1 Silver EXP Charm
    1 Sacred Guidance (L80)
    1 Grail Training (L255)
    3 Royal Hourglass
    30000 Battering Rams
    2 Imperial Training(*Lv5)

    6x “Week 4 Tokens” = 1x “Log-in Reward - Week 4”
    This chest contains:
    50 World Gems
    3000 Elemental Conjurers
    1 Season 6 Armoury Chest
    3 Flaming Arrows
    3 Flaming Horseshoes
    2 Stamina Potions
    1 Gold EXP Charm


    1X “Week 1 Token” + “Week 2 Token” + “Week 3 Token” + “Week 4 Token” = 10.000 Siege Towers

    Exchanges will be open until October 1st at 23:00 UTC, so make sure to trade your boxes in the Round Tower before this date. After October 1st, you will be able to open all remaining weekly tokens and find inside up to 5000 troops of any tier.
    As always, your feedback is highly valuable to us, so we invite you to tell us you opinion on the new calendar in the forums.

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    Does this mean someone won't win any price, if he only can be online 6 and not 7 days a week?
    This will be highly unfair. Not everyone can be only so many days in a row.

    I don't understand why you made this change. Again listen to your players, instead of using limited time to change something that already was working!

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    Only = online

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    Hello iT is a idea but may i talk over a other game Well from kabam offcourse the hobbit i play also that there is the calendar also 7 days but by end of the month can you missed one or two days log in without missing a chest for log in. That likes me Logic we are people not a system or pc so we work have real life also and sometimes missed The people one or two days log in its normal think on that if you Will. Also Will i say The campaign 12 hours bosses ask two times at day 3x3 and 4 and 5 energy thats 36 energy at day! By VIP 9 The highest what possible are have we 25 energie in one bottle iT costs us 1,5 bottle at day. If we also a 24 hours boss have x2 at day x4 what also minimum 4 X 2 energie costs is 16 energie at day than have we above The 2 bottles need ALONE say i , with big letters , for hitting this bosses . Will players a train a thon do than must they also campaign do for hourglasses , Arthurs soldiers (x2) and populiation, what also much energy costs and The chances to win that items are low. Offcourse can we in round tower Exchange Grailfragments for stamina every week but if you luck bad are, is iT 14x 1 bottle if you luck are 42 bottles at week. After this items Will people also campaign do for exp for Hero s and what we also need have : bloodfury and ironskin . Bloodfury costs 2 energy at strike THE chances are so bad that you one bloodfury can win after 4 or 5 strikes. And thats one bloodfury not more than that. So may i a suggestion do? : if kabam smart are and activity Will let kabam than every week a couple of flash toms or flash tk events do for winning bottles example : first place : 10 bottles , 2 to 10 : 7 bottles ; 10 to 20: 5 bottles 20 to 50: 3 bottles and 50 or lower : 1 bottle. Mabey with exp charms and dust also in that events. That make fixed The issue of bad chances in campaign and create more activity . Also for new players. If we also can enchanged Grailfragments for stamina in round tower , think i that The most of people enough chance have for good campaign play and winning items that we need have! 1 bottle in calendar i am sorry but iT is very less on based what i tell you now before in this thread . I hope that kabam with this story what do . Greetings claudius32 (33 in game) ector123

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    Good job! Nice calender.. Small players having enough to grow with now.

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    Is that a serious opinion varoow or is it only for the fact that the most people on server Will not merge or questions have by a merge ? If it the last reasson have can i alone say that my opinion this are personal: it is very childish than. If it The first reasson are can i alone say why ? What is than good from that calendar ?

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    Everything! The small even get the best gear by doing nothing. What more do you want? Only logging in get them s6 gear... You should be happy about it! Whining about getting everything as new players does work. Subkills are the bomb now cause they only have to logg in for it and even get the best gear.. Be proud!

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    the game is finish

    Kabam dear , you do not find the method of how not to lose players ? give way in the workshop ally to "buy " with the points about the potions for campaigning , ( like on the hobbit ) , coins premium attacking a boss , and you will see that the game takes off . who shop gems will do the same .

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback, this is extremely valuable for us.

    Some of you have made some really good and valid points, so we decided to modify the calendar rules to suit everyone.

    Instead of needing 7 weekly tokens per exchange we have lowered the requirement to 6. Moreover, for those who can't log in every day, we've created an exchange where you can combine one of each weekly token in order to get a prize. Moreover, at the end of the month you will be able to open the remaining tokens for a prize. As always, at the end of the calendar month, all players will be rewarded for every day they log in.

    Please continue to give us your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the calendar further in the months to come.

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    Great calender Kabam.
    The easiest way to get ss6. It only takes 1 minute of a players time. 6 times a week, if a player can't achieve that, then they must choose another game.

    Great work kabam

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