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Thread: A FINAL attempt to save EU's KoC

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    And one more thing

    It is Sad that players who are NOT very active, only on global chat, are trying to sabotage a VOLUNTARY merge using THE forum

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    No merge on ector123

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    Totally agree, respect indeed!
    Please read and evalutate, maybe even take a survey! Ask the players that still take part in events what they think, and ask the players that have stopped all together why they stopped.

    D. Blind

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    We don't want merge!

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    I don't agree. Last merge that took place had as result that 60% of the Dutch players quit the game. In the first half of the new merged world was dominated by the former players of hengist (the ones promoting the new merge). Since kabam gave away some free gear the disbalance has been normalized. The fun in the game has returned.

    The biggest problem is we lost too many players in the beginning of 2015. And we get to little new players.

    A new merge will again have as result a lot of players will quit the game.

    The special dutch/French /German servers are one of the key advances of koc. You can meet new people, talk in your own language. You can fight with words and then by swords. If you stop this we all could play another game....

    A new merge will have a result that we, as non-gemmers, need to compete to much more gemmers. This will make the game a lot less fun.

    In our Dutch world the biggest players don't want to compete with each other. Mostly they hook up in the same Alliances and only compete by comparing their Knights, heroes, might and kill levels. They don't dare to fight each other and this won't change in a new server.

    It will only kill the fun for players who do have fun in the current game. In the current world's.

    So I strongly disagree a new merge!

    I strongly advice to stimulate the new players. Give starters more growing possibilities. That will save your game. Not another merge!!

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    Totally agree with Bierkes! Excellent ideas!


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    Pffffffff. As several players of different alliances vote in favour of a new server?
    Including me? There is only one thing to say. Do it

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    Absolutely and 100% agree and support the ideas posted by Bierkes!

    Queen Saphira

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    I am for a merge .a lot of player haven.t the fun any more and quit and it is going fast now . For ector this is the only way to survival for a merge .other wise I think ector wil go down in a years. Some players won.t help if you read.kabam why .. they want to sick this world and Let it going down. That why We ask for a world that We have a option for yes to go or no they wil not go ...New world means more fun for old and New players .and more fun .More players will give some out for more gems . So there wil be only winners. If both give a bit then I think the game will be there for atleast a few years more .I hope kabam and a lot of players of koc agree with the points of bierkes hè got.s my vote grt wizzzie ector123

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    I strongly disagree a new merge!Â*

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