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Thread: A FINAL attempt to save EU's KoC

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    A FINAL attempt to save EU's KoC

    ***NOTE: the following has been setup by a few leaders and their respective alliances***

    * Our intentions; The 4 main goals we're aiming for: increase the fun for EVERY player, no matter whether they're gemmers, non-gemmers, big players or small players. Increase server activity. Increase competition. Balance the game, for big and small players.

    ***The ultimate voluntary world merge***
    1.) Create 1 brand new EU world.

    2.) Give every EU server the oppertunity to CHOOSE, whether they want to merge VOLUNTARY to that new EU world with their main account intact, or to stay behind in their home worlds.


    ***As Kabam already has proven, they can maintain all kinds of different server settings per server, therefore the following suggestions for the new EU server:
    1.) Campaign: Chapter 1 and 2: fill it with items that only new players have use for. Chapter 3+4: fill it with items that only experienced players have use for. Chapter 5: Fill it with items that are new, and usefull, actually like chapter5 currently already is in EU worlds.

    2.) Normal Events: Make events playerlevel-based. Events for players from level 1-50, And fill them items that new players have use for. Events for players from level 50-200, and fill them with items that are usefull for experienced players. That way, both small and bigger players have a fair shot in obtaining items. Also, this way you'll make sure that beginners don't get items that they can't use for the upcomming months, and you also prevent experienced players from obtaining items they already have, or don't need.

    3.) Monthly calender: Also make 2 calenders. Same story as events. 1 filled with beginners items for players from level 1-50. And 1 with items that players from level 50-200 have use for.

    4.) Round tower events: They last few months, kabam is only holding round tower events where gemming is a MUST. Without gemming, you can't reach the ''final stage'' of the event, and therefore it's useless. Lets take the current event to level up owain and gareth to level 200 as an example. It's a 7 day lasting event, where you have to attack pictish camps to obtain banner of the braves. picts have a limit of max 200 per day. That's 1400 pict attacks in 7 days. Even if EVERY attack gives you 1 banner of the brave(which is NOT happening) you end up with max 1400 banners of the brave at the end of the event. In the round tower, a chest of the brave costs you 100 banners of the brave. which means you can claim 14 chests of the brave. The content of the Brave chest is ''up to 3 prestive banners lvl2''. Lets say that every chest gives you 3 banners (which is not the case) you'll have 42 prestige banners level 2( ABSOLUTE MAX). To level up owain OR gareth, you will need 60 prestige banners level2. To level them both up, you need 120 banners. So Conclusion: even IF the picts drop EVERY SINGLE TIME, and even if the chets of brave gives 3 banners EVERY SINGLE time, you can't even elevate 1 lvl150 hero.. let alone both of them...

    That's the ''sneaky'' way of kabam doing business these days. It's IMPOSSIBLE, to complete such events, without spending a dime. And that's, why they are running merlin's madness, and the wheel for almost 24/7 during this event, so people will gem in order to complete the event, and elevate their heroes. Yes, gems, tokens and lunette tokens are obtainable in campaign. 1, they have terrible drop rates. 2, we only have 14 free stamina bottles a week from grail fragments, and 1 free stamina bottle a day from the badges. So we simply CAN'T finish such events.

    Back in the days, kabam always made events the way that gemmers had a ''time advantage'', and non gemmers could still complete such events without spending a dime.. it only took time and effort. But even that.. is ripped away now. It's sad to see.. and we would like to have the fair chances back on those events!

    5.) Hero exploring: Same story as campaign and the calender, make them level based.


    ***What's in it for the players in a brand new EU world??:***
    1.) More activity
    2.) More competition
    3.) More FAIR competition due to level based events/calender/hero exploring/campaign
    4.) Game fun increases massively for everyone due to the new oppertunities they will have, and due to more players on the server.
    5.) They can bring their main account, intact. So they don't have to start all over again.
    6.) Players can actually compete face2face with eachother in big events like season events. Instead of competing indirectly against eachother in their own worlds.

    ***What's in it for kabam with this new EU world??:***
    1.) With the mentioned options, it will ACTUALLY attrack more new players, cause of the oppertunities and a fair shot to compete that you're giving them.
    2.) More and more players will start to play active again, which will bring money into your account.
    3.) You will have 1 big server, where you will recieve all the feedback from that you'll need.

    ***What's in it for players who choose to stay behind in their own servers??***
    1.) Logical speaking, most players will choose to merge. They ones who rather not merge, will have less competition in their worlds, so they can improve faster, and ultimately are molding themselfes to be ready to compete with bigger players, and eventually they are choosing to merge themselfes aswell.

    ***Other things that would make this voluntary merge a bigger succes are"***
    1.) Besides global chat and the alliance chat... Create an extra chat, that is nation-related. Example: If you have your game settings in dutch, you'll have an extra chat with every player that also has his game settings in dutch. This will be good stimulation for players that are seeing the chat as a addition to their game fun, because easy as it is, not everyone can speak or understand english, or rather not prefere to type/read other then their mother tongue.

    2.) Balance T4, T5, T6 troops. At the moment T3 troops still give the best kill ratio's, By far!. Therefore the higher tiers need to increase in strenght, so that they actually become usefull for fighting. Currently they are useless, besides might events.

    I hope.. no, WE HOPE!, That kabam is seriously gonna consider all of this. It's honestly the only option that will give this (lets face it) rapidly dying game a enormous boost!!

    Kinds Regards, Bierkes.

    ***P.s: Some statistics to point out how dead our EU servers currently are:*** (note: these numbers also include alt-accounts and bankaccounts...)

    Activity stats from EU worlds on 23-08-2015 (activity is measured in "Players who's Might changed since the last map was updated"):
    Ector123: 560 active players.
    nordic/polski 124: 398 active players.
    kay137: 673 active players.

    Activity stats from NA worlds on 23-08-2015 (activity is measured in "Players who's Might changed since the last map was updated"):
    morded128: 1088 active players.
    horsa126: 1201 active players
    tristan130 1191 active players

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    I agree with bier!

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    i agree what bier says

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    I agree with Bier!!

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    i agree

    I agree with Bier

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    I also agree with Bierk

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    I agreed whit beer

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    I agree whit bierkes

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    I agree with Bierkes also

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    Last chance at a better koc future...

    I absolutely agree with all above.
    For me it is as the title in this thread says, indeed a final attempt, a last shot to save our server ector123.
    Greetings, Ann

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