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Thread: The game needs new players

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    The game needs new players

    At this forum we see mostly players, that are playing for a long long time. Players who mostly are frustrated, bored, angry. Myself included. I think we sometimes forget the big picture.

    Koc is a reasonable fun game, but because we are always screaming for more events, new gear, new prices etc, we are making the game some what impossible for new players.

    Let's be honest. The game needs new players :
    - to replace players who quit
    - to create some new topics in chat / meet new people in the chat
    - to sell gems to

    For kabam this last thing is vital. I myself stopped gemming a long time ago. And I know lots of players who never will gem again. The numbers are only increasing. So Kabam ; you'll need new players. If you can get 10-15% of those players to gem, then you can earn a lot of money.

    What's the problem :
    We don't get a lot of new players anymore:
    - only a few starters a month
    - those starters mostly quit after a few weeks
    - no word of mouth : new people who found a fun game tell other people about it; those people start gaming...
    - lack of marketing / advertising

    These problems are difficult to break, but we can do something very easily : try to help new players at a way they won't stop playing!!

    First we need to know reasons for quiting
    - the old players do have too many items, the gap is just to big.
    - the best players are in the biggest alliances, and they don't want newbies
    - newbies are impatient. They don't want to invest a year playing until they can finally compete at some level.

    The old players have too much :
    After playing for 2-4 years you win a lot of items. Example : I have thousands of dust to hammer gear. I have a lot of the lower hammers. I do have hundreds speedups. 5 billion might. A lot of Grail trainings of all levels. I need to scroll for a few minutes to see all my unopened chest. And I aren't a big player myself. (just subtop or something).
    In the last 2 years I was able to get a lot of items because of a bug in madness during Eastern 2014. At the end of that year we were able to get an unlimited amount of war wagons out of camp. Several times I received gear via events, calender etc.

    A player who starts today have none of those.
    And some egoist players did tell me: 'yes when I started I also couldn't compete' . That's true, but we weren't competing against players with a 2000+ Knight. Nobody had heroes. Etc. A starter today does have a big problem.

    This is easy. You need to give items to help starters.

    First starters : you always give starters free gems. Stop giving those. Starters buy the wrong items, and people use it for alt accounts.
    Give starters after registering a box with : second city deed and 5 Train with Arthur.

    With those items starters can really grow in the beginning of the game.

    Then adjust the boxes you give for free after reaching a higher level. Example : (I forgot the exact levels)
    Reaching level 16 : give a Grail training lvl 220, a divine inspiration and some gold medals for heroes.
    Level 22: give 5th city and 10x copper EXP
    Level 36: give wisdom gear (or Viviane & Elaine aura for blocked city 5 knights) and 10 stamina potions

    Then you need to make some adjustments in camp. Grail 255 can be won in camp 5. This should be changed to somewhere at the start of camp 3. Or you need to add Grail 250 at the end of camp 2; with mystic 255 at the beginning of camp 3.

    By example : starters can win celestial gear in camp 2. You need a 250 Knight to wear. So why giving celestial in camp 2 without the knight?

    You told us you would give Grail training via explore with heroes. That could be a way. But why can't you change the prices for energy potions? Because when you want to get a Grail 255 you will need to wait for a long time. (you only have 2 heroes at start) and when you finally are lucky that it's one of the prices, you'll need 5 energy potions to get the price. The first costs 2 gems, 2nd 6 gems, the 3th 12 gems.... (don't know how much the last 2 costs). Why don't you change the price to 5 gems for each potion?

    As I told you : the old players that played at Eastern madness 2014 have a lot of dust (thousands!!) . Players started after that period or weren't online during that madness, don't have any or only a few. So you should make dust more easily available.

    Finally : we all have something to win when we help new players. Kabam because they maybe can sell gems to them. The normal players because they will have more players to compete and chat. And at last even the big players will win : the people who start gemming will be your competitors in the future!

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    I completely agree with this topic!!!!

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    Hear hear hear

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    Nicely phrased by Praetor! I hope Kabam takes an effort to read it thouroughly as it contains a lot of good points! We need new players and so do you!

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    Jessie Ector123
    Nicely phrased Cic! I totally agree!!!

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    I am also agree with this points . Without new players is on long time end of world in make it better to longer playing for new players and we have to same a future .

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    Nicely explained. Also included perfect suggestions for solutions to fix this problem.

    I just want to give 1 point some extra attention and that is: sub(alt)accounts. PraetorC already mentioned a few good solutions.

    newuser accounts vs alt accounts vs average/good accounts:

    newuser accounts:
    - Like praetor said, give usefull items in the player-level-up chests like: gold medals, train with arthur, few speedups etc.
    - Adjust chap 1 and 2 in campaign, so there will be camps that drop : city accelerations, farm building accelerations, gold medals(non hero specific), maybe even city deeds for city 2 and 3, just like pictish camps do, but then lets say x5 pieces, instead of x1 like pictish camps do.
    - Add usefull items for newusers to hero exploring, but only when the 1st 4 ''lightballs'' light up. do NOT adjust the items that we can win when 5 or all 6 ''lightballs'' light up, cause average/good players totally have no use for such items.
    - Give them free gearsets.. example : reach lvl30, and you'll get a full corrupter set. Reach lvl 60 and get a full pendragon set. etc etc.
    - Do not give them options on free troop bundles etc, cause then people will make alt accounts.
    - Items for real newusers and to prevent people for making alt accounts because those items are only usefull for real newusers and not for altaccounts: grailtrainings, train with arthur, few speedups, few hero medails, bit older gearsets, city/farm building accelerations, city deeds, devine inspirations, exp charms, dust etc etc

    Alt accounts:
    - We've noticed when creating foodbanks, that new users have insane gem offers.. example 1: "buy any amount of gems, and recieve 1 hysteria token chest that includes 400 madness tokens" (that means 400 tokens for 50gems... 50 gems = €4,99). example 2: "buy 50 or more gems and recieve 1000 world gems for free" Well excuse me kabam, but with these offers you guys are basicly supporting people to make alt accounts, and with those offers, you decrease the changes actual real newusers have, because everybody are suspecting them to be alt accounts cause of those actions... you ruin a fair shot for actual new users.

    average/good accounts:
    - Do not modify the monthly calender with new user items, cause 95% of the players in the server will have no use for them.
    - Do not modify the rewards at hero exploring when the 5th and 6th ''lightball'' lights up, because 95% of the players have no use for beginners items.
    - Do not modify merlin's madness... like you already did... because 95% of the server does NOT need baron, crusade, shadow gears etc.

    Those are my few thoughts about this matter. Cheers, Bierkes

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    I agree with preator ...

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    I agree with this tread, like Preator said veteran players have a lot of items it would be nice if we can support new players with some of that. Let says you can donate something once a month to below lvl 50 player. I think this would help them stay in the game and become competitive players in faster time.
    Grtz Tubbie, Ector 123

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    Another idea, create a beginners campaign. Only accesible until certain lvl where they can get citydeeds, exp, 255 grail and a full gear set.

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