Hi, we're fairly new to this game (about 2 months). We're a group migrating in from another game that started to go downhill. Recruiting players to join us seems to be a challenge using the in-game chat, so I figured that I'd try my luck here. We have a couple members who are extremely active and consistently place in the top 10-20 in events and arenas. Our guild even placed in the top 15 on our server last event. Currently I have the admission set to open membership and we will accept any and all applicants on a trial basis.

We use the chat app GroupMe for our game chat and while it is not mandatory, it would be great to add some more players to our chat room to liven things up a bit.

If anyone is looking for a fun group to join who haven't become jaded with the game yet, feel free to pop in and say hello.

Guild Name - Sword and Stoned
Realm - Tristan-88