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Thread: [Event] Make your own Golem - 22 July - 5 August 2015

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    [Event] Make your own Golem - 22 July - 5 August 2015

    We said that only those who are acquainted with the countless hidden meanings behind the word “Atlantis” can mould a Golem.
    We lied! Actually, anyone can mould a Golem. Yes, even you!

    To achieve this, you only need some clay, modeling dough (or salt dough if you want to create your army from A to Z!) or even wet sand!

    That being said, don’t expect your creation to be friendly with you, smart or talkative...

    You’ll soon learn that Golems are “special” creatures.
    They are not at all pretty, a bit lost, always very confused and other troops claim that they are violent bullies… and well, yes, they are!

    Are you ready to create your own (Thunder) Golem to win in-game Thunder Golems and other items? Participate in our event!


    1) Using modelling dough (clay, salt dough, etc.), create a Thunder Golem.
    2) When your creation is done, take a picture of your Golem.
    3) Save the picture you have created on your computer
    4) Use a free image hosting service such as imgur to upload your creation to the web
    5) Paste the link of your image here in the forum, as a response to this post
    6) Include the following info below your link:

    • The name of your Player
    • The name of your Server*

    *Note: This contest is restricted to the Players from the following servers:
    Zoticus, Colubro, Cerberus, Perigune, Arcadia, ??????, Ao Kin, Vulcain, Fafnir, Ignis, Bacchus, ??????, Celestia, Arcadia, Apollon, Leviathan, Kara Korku, Gümü? Kanat, Lympha, Tatzelwurm, Jörmungand, Oenopion, Seneca, Pausanias, Plutarch, Sinis, Skyros, ???????, Staphylos, Troezen, ??????, Nettuno, Evaemon, Autochthon, Azaes, Diaprepes, Neptune.

    Note: If you give us the name of a player and server that isn’t included in the list, we cannot provide you your reward.

    Here is an example of what we’re expecting from you (don’t criticise, we really did our best!!!):


    If you create one of the 20 best Golems, you’ll get the following rewards:

    • 1st Place: 20,000 Thunder Golems + 50 Obsidians + 50 Emerald Moss Stones + 6 Elixir Boxes* + 5 Silver Recruiting Tokens + 10 Gold Recruiting Token
    • 2nd - 3rd Place: 15 000 Thunder Golems + 25 Obsidians + 25 Emerald Moss Stones + 4 Elixir Boxes*, 2 Silver Recruiting Tokens + 5 Gold Recruiting Token
    • 4th – 10 Place: 10 000 Thunder Golems + 10 Obsidians + 10 Emerald Moss Stones + 2 Elixir Boxes*, 1 Silver Recruiting Tokens
    • 11th – 20th Place : 5 000 Thunder Golems + 5 Obsidians + 5 Emerald Moss Stones + 1 Elixir Box*, 1 Silver Recruiting Tokens + 1 1 Hour Speed Up

    *This Box contains:

    - 1 Master's Potion +14 or
    - 1 Master's Potion +9 or
    - 10 or 1 Elixir Light Multiplier or
    - 1 Elixir Multiplier Tube

    On top of this, all the participants will have a chance to win 10 Exclusive Recruiting Tokens! Indeed, when the contest is finished, we will pick randomly one participant and offer him/her 10 Exclusive recruiting Tokens!

    This event is running from the 22nd of July 2015 to the 5th of August 2015, 23h59 (CEST).

    Good Luck!

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    A ver si la gente empieza a sacr sus tropas,que parecen que las tienen de adorno ?^?^?

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    Donde hay q mandar el golem

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    Nombre de jugador: ??¶Î?ßÜ???
    Servidor: Celestia

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    What about summoning of fire golem?
    chieff2k, ??????

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    sad golem

    What about a sad ice golem?
    Chieff2k, ??????

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    Help you can

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    Ben yarismaya katildim bi oncekin de bi yanit gelmedi

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    Thunder Golem

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