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Thread: Grail Fragments Community Exchanges

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    What I didn't realised: you changed the prices for the events. You can win a lot less fragments. This is a big issue as you didn't drop the exchange prices.
    I collected the 4m grails for Sun-gear last month and it was quite a work. (to get my second Sun shield - frustration...)

    If people win a less fragments, it will make the fragments a lot more difficult to collect. I think I need to say: almost impossible!!
    So what are you going to do about that?

    We already have complaints about the lack of actions. And the adding of the weekly prices did give a lot more action in our world last month.
    Please adjust the prices in the round tower or adjust the prices to be won in the events...

    Otherwise the Grail Fragments system is again DEAD!

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    Yeah, they couldn't just raise ours to yours, because that would have been "too much" for NA to get. So, they decided on some amount lower and set us both equal.

    For NA, it seems to be about a 2-3 times increase over what we were getting.

    So, we on NA now share your pain of having nothing but these events, and you on EU share our pain of how difficult it is to collect enough.

    I guess this is Kabam's version of "Sharing is caring".

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    This way even the last grail frags collectors will stop collecting... I really don't understand kabam. Do they really want to kill the game?

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    With adjustments to grail prizes (no more dust and banners) there is no need for me to compete for grails anymore. Other prizes need a lot of grails and can also be obtained in campaign. You gave us exp back but now cut off the dust needed to upgrade gear which I think is a bad thing. Drop rates on wild are very bad. Lvl2 banners are now impossible to get. Please ensure all things needed to upgrade are available in the game. Like 255 grailtrainings.
    Still like the game but u drive me crazy with the adjustments every time.
    Regards, tubbie

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    I's impossible to get 4 m grails....People wil loose interest in grails....and again get disapointed in kabam.

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    I vote...get rid of fragments!

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    I have alone now interest in lower grail fragments prices i did earlier my good best for TAT after campaign strike hourglasses and Arthurs soldiers and i go for top 20 or top 10 since you the grail fragments prices by events lower make, what is sinfull than for my activity by that events? I can understand that the most people even so thinking . So why are the grail fragments lower now that you can win by events ? Greetings claudius32 (33 in game)

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    Are you kidding me???? It's hard enough to obtain enough grail fragments for the low prices, let alone if you want the jewels. Please try to explain me how you can get 14m!!! Grail frags with this new system???

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    And TEST TEST TEST TEST before you do something!

    Today you send us a mail: Fragments can't be stolen for a week. Ok, I didn't agree: but oke.. And what did I see tonight: Fragments being stolen. See reports 8037446, 8035842, 8035843, etc, etc, etc.
    Really, what are you doing?

    I want to be positive. I want to try to give you positive feedback, but really....... how can I be positive after so many unneccessary mistakes?
    It's almost if you are doing this on purpose. Do you?

    I will add some report numbers of alliance member. Please give those players some compensation:
    8039040 (and others)
    8035780 (and others)
    (rest will follow)

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    Kind of strange to announce that grailfragments can be stolen for a week while in fact you raise the amount of fragments which can be stolen. Also lowering the amount of grails which can be won. No good prizes anymore for grails. So I think you've just killed of the whole use of grails. Nice going!! When can we expect normal prizes to return?

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