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Thread: Your opinion is important to us!

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    Mejorar los torneos y activar donble foso

    Los torneos de aniquilacion y entrenamiento de tropas debe ser mas frecuente y en el de aniquilacion ya deben activar la opcion ALTO A LA DEFENSA pues todos se ocultan y nadie quiere defender su castillo.
    Sobre el doble foso. Lo vi una vez y fue genial deberian mantenerlo, asi dan oportunidad de buscar demostrar siempre quien es el mejor

    Saludos .... the syd

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    Obtener generales con rubies un asco

    Compre el paquetr de 200 rubies para obtener general de 5 estrellas fuego liquido y lo unico q consegui es un triste general de 3 estrellas que no sirve para nada
    asi desalientan a todo aquel que lo quiera intentar en una proxima oportunidad .... jamas volveria a comprar rubies ... prefiero esperar a que me salgan gratis ... ustedes pierden saludos

    The syd

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    Dear Community,

    First of all, we would like to thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. We didn’t expect so many replies from all of you on the forum and we’re really happy to see everyone so enthusiastic about our game.

    Your suggestions have been collected and sent to our developers and we’re sure that they will be really helpful to improve Atlantis.

    If you don’t speak English or if you want to send your feedback/suggestions in your native language (Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish), don’t hesitate to reply in this topic. Don’t worry, we’ll take care that your answer and opinion are reported to our teams.

    If you have a personal issue in game that doesn’t concern the whole community, please don’t report it to us here and instead contact our support (you can contact them directly from the game).

    Globally here are the top issues/feedbacks/suggestions that you reported to us:

    • Possibility of having exclusive items in the wild

    Last week, we already improved Savanna drops across all realms. Lower level wilds are harder to farm, but therefore higher level wilds yield better results. Also, the maximum of farmable Mutton increased from 6 to 10 and Beef from 1 to 5 per day! We’re also planning on offering you some special events to help you to get more items for free!

    • Possibility to have a global MAX button when a player sends an attack (not just a MAX button for each troop) to attack faster – This has been sent to the developers, we can’t promise you that this feature will be added to the game but be sure that our team are taking this suggestion very seriously.

    • Possibility to loot some premium resources (Pearls, Geodes, Seeds etc.) in wild or from other players. This has been sent to the developers- we can’t promise you that such a feature will be added to the game, but be assured that our team are taking the suggestion very seriously.

    • Possibility to send more Marches at the same time. This has been sent to the developers- we can’t promise you that such a feature will be added to the game, but be assured that our team are taking the suggestion very seriously.

    • Having a confirmation button that prevents players from using rubies by mistake. This has been sent to the developers- we can’t promise you that such a feature will be added to the game, but be assured that our team are taking the suggestion very seriously.

    • Having exclusive rewards when winning tournaments (not only troops) – We’re working on it!

    This is a non-exhaustive list and we’ll keep reporting your suggestions and feedback to our developers to offer you the best game possible. Every time we add a new feature in game suggested by the community, we’ll update you in this topic.

    We’d like to wish you a great game and thank you again for all your help!

    Best regards,
    your Dragons of Atlantis Team

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    New game format

    Please return game to original version it's so much better

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    Alliance Tourneys

    Alliance tourneys are rubbish. You are unfairly rewarding big alliances. You are encouraging people to band together which ultimately reduces the amount of fighting. You also reward people who do not input into the game and st the same time discourage more individual personalities from participating. I don't want to be a number in a big alliance but I don't want to be penalised for that either.

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    unworthy tournaments and dragons too difficult

    For some time that the kingdoms of the generation of Epervier, Elysium, etc., tournaments are nothing more than for accelerators or resources to get a dragon egg. This makes it miss the interest of any tournament, and the game itself. We want tournaments wider range, as a tournament tournaments training alliances or dragons, and as for their awards, we want good elite troops, food and stones to improve dragon troops. As for dragons, should enable the collection of coats of arms on the moors, at least to increase the amount in the mysterious shop. We also need to be punished as ss due to hackers, because even there a page, I guess it's illegal (, where rubies and dragons are offered.

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    Fix dragon crest drop rates

    Seems like crests don't drop much at all. Last time I successfully got crests was last year before realms merged.

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    Hey ....what's happening?

    more than 3 months are passed since the post of Morganath and .... nothing has happened!!!!
    Can we have an update? there will be changes in Doa? When??

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    Всем привет!
    Несколько пожеланий хотелось бы сообщить.
    Пришла новая команда и хотелось бы, чтобы она оживила игру.
    1. Арсенал
    Качать без доната нереально, донат по мерка России очень дорогой.
    Дайте больше камней раз в 10 минимум!
    Был замечательный сундук в январе за ежедневный вход, в котором было зелье +14, если эту традицию продолжить, то слабые игроки подтянутся и станет интереснее играть.
    2. Генералы
    Здесь совсем беда, без доната 5* генералов получить нереально, а на 5 цикл развития их надо 32 штуки! С золотых жетонов шансы просто мизерные!
    С ежедневных бесплатных попыток и серебряных жетонов падает очень мало нужных генералов, непонятно зачем нужны генералы на загрузку войск, на атаку и защиту слабых войск (лучников, минотавров и так далее).
    Давайте больше генералов от них очень сильно зависит успех сражения, а разница в звезности генов влияет просто колоссально!!!
    3. Слияния серверов.
    Очень много серверов, где нет никакой войны, они умирают фактически. Их давно пора слить с похожими! Или дать людям переходить с сервера на сервер. (Шлюз, телепорт и так далее).
    4. На трёх русских серверах (Левиафан, зевс и посейдон) нет морозного дракона! Почему? Чем они провинились? Они отстанут в развитии.

    И помните, донатеры (мы) будем играть пока нам интересно, но дайте нам с кем играть! Ведь игроки лишенные доната безумно слабы!
    Уже очень многие достойные донатеры покинули игру и отток продолжается.

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