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Thread: Your opinion is important to us!

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    Your opinion is important to us!

    Dear Community,

    In this thread we would like to talk with you about the recent past, and what’s more, about the future. We still have a lot in store for Dragons of Atlantis - for example new dragons, changes to the dragon quests, arenas, events and a lot more! We can’t go into detail here for all the upcoming changes and content, but we hope to catch up on this in the future!

    First we would like to focus on the past couple of weeks and months during which quite a lot happened. There were new things to discover and changes already known, but unfortunately, also some construction sites which did not work out the way we expected them to. That is why sometimes a picture was missing, an item did not have the desired effect or things went perfectly in test phases, but differently on normal servers. We are truly sorry for these issues and will do our best to avoid them in the future. But once they occur the only thing we can do is react, which we did for example with the Scarabs by refunding all losses after the fix. Many of you supported us actively during this time with great feedback and of course new ideas. So we would like to thank you here for your loyalty and help!

    And now coming back to your feedback and the topics you keep bringing to our attention. We know that there will be new dragons and this is definite! It will take a little, but they are high up on our priority list and we will give you further details on this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we hope you have a good time in game with our numerous events, of course including great rewards. There will still be events like the Salamander Event, you will still be able to exchange normal troops for special ones and we won’t forget about the arena. Check in regularly, join the fun and collect medals for which you can get valuable items several times a month. The access to Obsidian and dragon items will also be simplified. If you still crave more, check out our
    Kabam Rewards programme: play, collect points, cash up.

    We also noticed that the changes to the dragon quests did not really please everyone, especially the rewards. That is partly due to the fact that we are not finished yet. Within the next few months more improvements will come and if you give us time we are sure that you will be just as pleased with them as we are! We cannot give you exact information on this yet, but the updates are scheduled and we are working as fast as we can. However, this schedule is always subject to change.

    Further, we are still looking for possible solutions to ensure that players face other players on a similar level, so that no one is without a chance or superior to others. This is not easy and finding a good balance takes time. Currently we are looking into changing the score requirements for prizes in the dragon arena in order to help weaker and newer players to catch up faster. Of course this is only a start, but we hope a good one.

    Finally, we would like to answer a question that has not been raised so far. However, we believe that every one of you has thought about it before: “
    What happens to our suggestions?” In general we offer different ways for you to give us feedback. One that we will now use increasingly is the forum. This helps us the most, as other players discuss pros and cons too. The other possibility is contacting our support team who forward your suggestions to us. Our colleagues, however, have other priorities, so we would kindly ask you to use the forum as the first source of contact for these kinds of topics.

    As soon as an idea is outlined, we will check it and put it on our internal list, if it is interesting. All the suggestions collected there will be discussed by us, with a special focus on whether it matches the game and how we could implement it. If we decide that it could work we will discuss with our developers if it’s possible to implement it. If we get the "okay” we get to the difficult part: where do we find a slot in our planning? A good game needs an idea and a plan of what is to come. These plans are usually full to bursting and finding a free slot is not exactly easy. But it is possible and as soon as the time has come the programming starts.

    As you can see, these are extensive processes and it happens frequently that an idea, from its origin to implementation in game, takes its time. There are things that we would like to have been completed yesterday; unfortunately it does not work like this. We hope that these insights we shared with you will help you understand that your great idea might not pop up in-game right away. Give us some time for it and we will do what we can.

    We would like to thank you again for your support. We would not be where we are today without you! Please continue to share your ideas with us and give us feedback as often as you can. We hope you all have a great week and are looking forward to your messages.

    Best regards from Berlin,
    your Dragons of Atlantis Team

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    Respuesta al tema del art*culo

    1 Los últimos premios por torneos no me aparecen por ningún lado.

    2 Los premios por misiones diarias no sé pueden cobrar desde la última actualización del juego

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    Skyros (Eu) - Suggestions and feedback


    I'll make this short, and it's probably the same ftime every Skyros player:

    1) Realm population. This has been going down rapidly due to inactivity of players and also the fact our realm is "locked out" therefore no new players can join the realm.
    2) quality of game. I own characters on other realms. Some allow you to trade resource for dragons crests, others have given away the water dragon for free. It might be something a lot of people read and joke about but I farmed for 4 months to get my earth dragon, now I'm farming for my nightshade dragon.
    3) Lack of updates. Our realm itself as per the above point is behind other realms, we get things months and months after other more populated realms when we can't help it that we were put onto this realm when we joined and now it's dead/dying.
    4) lack of opponents. This is probably related to point 1, but there's a severe lack of opponents for anything, there's very few 25+ level players and just attacking cities without fights etc gets slightly mundane.

    So my suggestions are simple.

    1) Realm merge / offer realm transfers. This will allow players on this realm, or others like it to get the quality of gameplay they deserve and in some cases pay money for - respect your customers kabam; don't milk them.
    2) Bring this realm and all others that are behind the most up to date realms into the same category, have them all update at the same time, don't give other realms different qualities of gameplay.
    3) see 2.
    4) see 1 + open the realm back up and allow new players onto it.

    Other suggestions I'd like to make on the overall game:

    1) make it optional to see your dragons visually fight in the arena, when I played on my iPhone it was just "victory or defeat" much like the arena.
    2) for the arena add an option to watch your armies fight - this could be a big update but also a big selling point within the game, I feel it would be worthwhile.
    3) expansion deeds. Please add them back to either arena tokens, pvp events, tournaments or dragon battle grounds.
    4) Make it possible to get more than 1 crest drop per day (1 crest drop referencing 1-6 crests typically drop from a camp everyday, you will never get a second in the same 24hrs).
    5) Add an item which stops troops eating food for X amount of time.
    6) Add an item that doubles the amount of marches you can send out.

    Sorry for the lengthy post I've been a player nearly a year and obviously have a few queries and qualms.

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    Game bugs not fixed yet

    I'm a longtime player of dragons of atlantis (4 years into the mobile version and more on the older one for pc) .
    A lot of players still keep going on with bugs during the power tournaments and this disappoint every other player.
    There's a solution to fix it, make it more faster and set also a faster time-out like for every web based game.
    The new upgrade advantage more than ever every bug user because the game has become very slower with the animation on the map (nice but unuseful at all).
    Thanks, hope my suggestions will be helpful to solve the well known issues.

    Best regards
    A player of the world Lympha

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    Aggiungerai la possibilit* di scambiare risorse come lo zolfo coi membri dell'alleanza e migliorarei nettamente la qualit* dei premi giornalieri, specialmente quelli degli ultimi giorni( tipo Reliquie del drago). Per finire nell'arena del drago si potrebbero far combattere tutti i draghi anziché solo 3

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    Lack of clicks on daily prize log in

    I have noticed it only goes up to 25 each month even if there are as is usual more days in said month, any chance you can sort it?

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    As the title of the game indicates (Dragons of Atlantis - Heirs of the Dragon), it may be an intelligent idea to add dragons? It has been over one year since the Fire Dragon was released.

    Updates since then have been disappointing. I am not sure many care to have animated generals riding horses to pillage an anthropus camp.

    PS. Why is this thread hidden in the foreign language section and not displayed prominently in General or Announcement?

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    No los hay

    Las recompensa desde la actualización no se pod*an cobrar, nos paso a muchos pero probamos con borrar datos en nuestro dispositivo y reiniciar el juego y nos permot*an hacerlo.

    No sé en que reino juegas pero el problema en autochthon es que todav*a no se pueden conseguir el Dragón de tierra y de Agua atacando, sólo con Rub* y es injusto que los que gasten dinero lleven la ventaja por eso.

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    Perdón, me refer*a a que en autochthon no se pueden conseguir el Dragon de fuego y el de agua atacando :/

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    Tony il grande

    l'Italia e l'italiano non esistono!

    Quando imparate a scrivere anche in italiano ... blaaaah!!!

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